Bluewater, Soldier of Fortune team for 'guts and grit' comic

Bluewater Productions has teamed up with Soldier of Fortune Magazine for a new comic series called Soldier of Fortune Presents: Stealth. And the comics publisher sent out a testosterone-dripping press release today on this new partnership, the kind with quotes like this: "Finally a real adventure graphic novel for real men," said Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.), publisher of Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

And this one, from Marc Shapiro, the book's writer and an Army veteran: "I'm writing Soldiers Of Fortune with the idea of creating the ultimate war comic. Lots of action, lots of humor, lots of character and more firepower than you can shake a bazooka at. Big guns. Big attitude. Guts and grit."

Seriously, if the above quotes and image don't make you want to eat some red meat, belch and fire off a few rounds, then check your manly man card at the door.

The action-adventure series by Shapiro and artist Steven Black centers around a fictional secret special ops team hired by the government to do the jobs that the military is incapable of doing for either practical or political reasons. Several of Soldier of Fortune's advertisers will have product placement in the comic.

“If a character is using a grenade launcher, firearm or any piece of paramilitary hardware, it will be an accurate depiction of a current brand,” said Bluewater president Darren Davis. “This is the first time we have taken this approach. As long as it fits the narrative, readers will see a little bit of realism. There is so much excitement here on this project that our licensing agent is already looking to make this a TV series and toys based of the character designs that Ramon Salas did for this project!”

The first issue comes out in June.

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