'Blue Monday' throws a Dead Man's Party

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[Blue Monday]Oni Press and Chynna Clugston-Major are throwing a Halloween party this coming October, and you're invited. BLUE MONDAY: DEAD MAN'S PARTY is the follow-up to the smash LOVECATS. Whereas the previous one-shot centered around Valentine's day, this holiday-themed special focuses on all things ghastly and ghostly. Essentially taking its cue from the famous night where Mary Shelley came up with FRANKENSTEIN in the spookiest round of scary stories ever, DEAD MAN'S PARTY features the Fresburger teens spinning tales of the dead, undead, and anything else that may go bump in the night.

"Halloween is my favorite holiday," Clugston-Major explained. "I love getting dressed up in some crazy costume and haunting the streets with my friends like a pack of drooling zombies. I wanted to put a little bit of that fun into the comics, particularly as things got a little serious in LOVECATS. This is gonna be a pure B-move psychotropic freak-out. It'll be unlike any BLUE MONDAY comic that's come before-unless you count the fact that it's a pretty good time, a little bit goofy, and generally over-the-top, which are all things we have done, but you know…"

As an extra-special treat, the master of comic book horror, NOCTURNALS-creator Dan Brereton, is showing us what tricks he has in his paintbox-a fully painted back cover featuring Bleu and the gang decked out for this unholiest of holidays.

"I really dig BLUE MONDAY," Brereton said, "but once a month, my daughter actually grapples with me over the Oni comps-she completely ignores my stuff till after she's found and devoured one of Chynna's books. I'm jazzed about doing a cover, though it would have been better to do the front, because then Lindsay might notice MY work first for a change…"

"I can't wait to see how Dan interprets the characters," Clugston-Major added. "We've had some pretty spectacular guest-covers in the past, but this will be the first time a painter has rendered these kids. Plus, no one can do the monster stuff like Dan. In comics, Halloween should just be Dan Brereton Day."

And if Brereton wasn't a special enough guest, this issue also sees the return of two of BLUE MONDAY's most popular side characters. "That's right," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich revealed, "the Jesus Heads are making a return appearance! Chynna recently received one of the actual Jesus Heads in the mail from an anonymous source-could it be they mailed themselves?-and we took it as a sign. The Jesus Heads must return to the pages of BLUE MONDAY!"

"I draw what the voices in my head tell me to draw," Clugston-Major concluded. "Be afraid. Very, very afraid."

BLUE MONDAY: DEAD MAN'S PARTY is a 32 page one-shot, and it retails for $2.95. It features an all-new, color cover by Chynna Clugston-Major and colorist Guy Major, as well as a fully painted back cover by Dan Brereton. This comic is intended for mature readers and scheduled to ship to comic book stores on October 9, 2002.

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