'Blue Estate' rail shooter explained, with help of new comic

Viktor Kalvachev has revealed more details about the upcoming rail shooter based on his crime comedy Blue Estate -- with the help of a new comic strip he created with Ivan Brandon.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Kalvachev provides an overview of the Image Comics series before delving into the HeSaw game, whose PS4 version will utilize DualShock 4′s gyroscopic features (that's were the new strip comes into play).

"With the PS4 version we really wanted to bring the original arcade light gun feeling back without players having to buy extra accessories," explains Kalvachev, creative director of HeSaw, "so we decided to use the new gyroscope feature and the result was amazing. It takes only seconds to get used to and hours to master. You basically point the controller and squeeze the trigger; you don’t ever have to use the joysticks."

Announced in September for PC and in April for PS4 and Xbox, Blue Estate allows players to step into the shoes of Tony Luciana, the homicidal son of a Los Angeles mob boss, and Clarence, a broke former Navy SEAL who’s been hired to clean up his mess. As Tony wages a war with the Sik gang in an effort to get back his kidnapped “Helen of Troy,” Clarence struggles to end the fight.

Check out part of the comic strip below, and read more on the PlayStation Blog. No release date has been announced.

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