Blue Dream Studios' "Pet Robots" Nabbed by Disney and Benderspink

Official Press Release

Nashville, TN -- Scott Christian Sava's Blue Dream Studios and film producers Chris Bender's and JC Spink's production company Benderspink are thrilled to announce that Disney has acquired the feature film rights to PET ROBOTS, a graphic novel that tells the fun-filled adventure of four kids who lose their way while on a field trip to the Rooty Tooty Toy Company and who stumble upon four military "toy" robots that code themselves to each of the four children, follow them home, and earn the wrath of Rooty Tooty's evil CEO Vandenburger Meisterburger.

Benderspink's Jake Weiner will be executive producer while Jon Silk will co-produce.

"It's a dream come true," said Sava, writer of PET ROBOTS and owner of Blue Dream Studios. "Not only will I get to work with the great guys at Benderspink, who've been producing some stellar work in bringing graphic novels to life on the big screen, but Disney? I grew up on Disney characters. My kids are growing up on Disney characters. I'm honored to have PET ROBOTS and Jake, Chris, Tammy, Tommy, Rock, Wind, Aqua, and Skye be a part of Disney's rich tradition."

"We read the PET ROBOTS graphic novel and loved the tone and characters," JC Spink, a co-founder of Benderspink said. "We pursued producing a film adaptation because we saw this as an opportunity to create a wonderful event comedy film in the vein of GREMLINS meets GHOSTBUSTERS. We miss those kinds of movies and are excited to help put one together that's based on Scott's work."

Sava and his Blue Dream Studios has worked in a variety of entertainment fields including comic books, animation and video games. Sava's worked on such properties as Spider-Man, Casper, Aliens vs. Predators, and X-Men. Benderspink has produced such hits as American Pie, The Ring, The Butterfly Effect, and the graphic novel adaptation of A History of Violence.

PET ROBOTS (Writer: Sava, Artist: Diego Jourdan, Diamond Order Code: JUN07 3325, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-2-4, $19.95, full-color hardcover, 10.5" x 6.75") hits stores this month.

Other titles include THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE (Written/Illustrator: Sava, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-0-0, $19.95, 300 pages, full-color perfectbound, 6" x 9"), voted Favorite Original Graphic Novel in the 2007 Comics Buyer's Guide's Fan Awards, and ED'S TERRESTRIALS (Writer: Sava, Artist: Diego Jourdan, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-1-7, $19.95, full-color hardcover, 10.5" x 6.75").

Blue Dream has also recently expanded into collectible figures with the release of THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES-inspired Nastajia and Kiwi. More information on the figures, as well as the daily-updated online edition of THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, are available online at www.thedreamlandchronicles.com.

All of Blue Dream Studios's ALL-AGES titles are available at finer comic book shops and bookstores everywhere, and on amazon.com.

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