Blue Dream Studios hits San Diego with all-ages fare

Specials, daily contests, Pet Robots and The Dreamland Chronicles 2 debut, and The Dreamland Chronicles toys showcased

Official press release

Nashville, TN -- July 20, 2007 -- Scott Christian Sava's Blue Dream Studios is, like everyone else, heading to Comic-Con International: San Diego (July 26-29). But not like everyone else, Blue Dream's sole enterprise is for every age, from 1 to 100. At booth #1947 visitors and fans can come by and purchase the new PET ROBOTS and see a preview copy THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES BOOK 2. They can also purchase two collectible figures based on the acclaimed and award-winning THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES: the fiery Queen of the Elves, Nastajia Ashenheart, and the cute and bubbly fairy, Kiwi (designed by world-famous animation artist Dean Yeagle).

Sava and character designer Karen Krajenbrink will also be at the booth sketching and signing away.

Drawings will be held daily where fans can win a signed copy of every book (THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, PET ROBOTS, ED'S TERRESTRIALS, THE LAB, and PSI KIX), as well as one each of the collectible figures, featuring an original sketch by Sava.

Both the Nastajia and Kiwi collectible figures are limited to 1,000, are signed and numbered, and will be the only ones featuring sketches and signatures. They will retail for $24.95 and will also be available online at www.thedreamlandchronicles.com. After the 1,000 sell out, newer versions of the figures will not feature those collectible features.

"This is a big, big show for me," said Sava. "I have so many exciting things happening. The figures look terrific, PET ROBOTS looks gorgeous, and the contest is going to be a lot of fun. The fans have been great, too, what with DREAMLAND being voted Favorite Original Graphic Novel in Comics Buyer's Guide's Fan Awards. I'm really looking forward to meeting all of my new fans at the con and I can't thank all of my current fans enough for supporting me and for telling me how you share my books with your family, friends, and, especially, your kids."

THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE (ISBN: 978-0-9789168-0-0, $19.95, 300 pages, full-color perfectbound, 6" x 9") is in retailers' stores now or can be ordered if you ask your friendly retailer to get it for you today. BOOK ONE (of an anticipated 6-book epic) collects the first four issues of the series that "will return you to the days of your childhood and…help your imagination fly free." [JazmaOnline.com]. BOOK TWO will be released worldwide in a few months. New adventures in Dreamland are revealed every weekday at the DREAMLAND website where the ongoing epic is consistently one of the TOP TEN comics on the web according to the TOP WEB COMICS list and where it just reached its 2-millionth unique reader.

Releasing in August, Sava's and artist Diego Jourdan's PET ROBOTS (Blue Dream Studios, Diamond Order Code: JUN07 3325, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-2-4, $19.95, full-color hardcover, 10.5" x 6.75"), is a Diamond Previews "Kid Friendly" selection and tells the fun-filled adventure of four students---Jake, Chris, Tammy, and Tommy---who lose their way while on a field trip to the Rooty Tooty Toy Company. In their quest to find their way back to the rest of the class, they stumble upon a room inhabited only by four military-looking toy robots. The field trip ends, but unbeknownst to Jake, Chris, Tammy and Tommy, the robots follow them home. Now, as they learn the wonders of their new robotic friends Rock, Wind, Aqua and Skye, our four young heroes must also avoid the evil owner of the Rooty Tooty Toy Company, Vandenburger Meisterburger. He wants his robots back.

ED'S TERRESTRIALS (Writer: Scott Christian Sava, Artist Diego Jourdan, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-1-7, $19.95, full-color hardcover, 10.5" x 6.75") is an out-of-this world adventure featuring escaped aliens Marcello, Gus and Al who crash land in…Ed's tree house. Now Ed must decide what he can do to help the three escapees live out their dreams, but figure out how he can help scores of other oppressed aliens as well. All of this while dodging the Intergalactic Food Court's relentless Mall Security guards.

All of Blue Dream Studios's ALL-AGES titles are available at finer comic book shops and bookstores everywhere, and on amazon.com.


Founded in 2000 by Scott Christian Sava, Blue Dream Studios has become an international icon in technical innovation and creative storytelling. More than just an animation studio, Blue Dream is creating some of the most original and charming characters and stories of its time. From Casper the Friendly Ghost to Spider-Man to Predator to Star Trek, Blue Dream Studios has been instrumental in bringing these and many other characters to life for television, film, comics and video games. Other titles include ED'S TERRESTRIALS and PET ROBOTS (August 2007).

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