"Blue Beetle" Artist Scott Kolins Shows Off Adventurous Ted Kord Design

When Ted Kord appears in next week's "Blue Beetle Rebirth" #1, he'll apparently be taking on a more active role in adventures. The tease comes from art revealed by artist Scott Kolins on Twitter; the designs for Kord show him wearing a t-shirt similar to his iconic Blue Beetle costume and goggles while carrying a stylized gun.

And the other half ... pic.twitter.com/Y362s5UWoh

- Scott Kolins (@ScottKolins) August 2, 2016

Kord, Ted Kord. pic.twitter.com/m2XcVXarhu

- Scott Kolins (@ScottKolins) August 3, 2016

This new Ted Kord design was briefly seen in the pages of "DC Universe Rebirth," as illustrated by Gary Frank.

"Blue Beetle Rebirth" #1 from writer Keith Giffen and artist Kolins arrives in stores on August 24. The issue and the following "Blue Beetle" ongoing will see Ted Kord take on the most active role he's had in a comic in over a decade. Even since DC's New 52 reboot in 2011, the former Blue Beetle has only sparingly appeared; the new Blue Beetle series will pair Kord up with the current bearer of the mantle, Jaime Reyes. And, judging by this full design, it looks like Kord might take part in some of the series' adventures as well.

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