'Bloom County's' Bill and Opus are running for president, again

If you're not already experiencing deja vu from a 2016 campaign populated by a Clinton, a Bush, a billionaire reality star who's often threatened a presidential run, and a gaggle of hopefuls long past their sell-by dates, this may do the trick: Opus and Bill the Cat have thrown their tattered hats into the political ring once more.

It's of course not entirely unexpected, as Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed credits Donald Trump's presidential bid with inspiring the recent online revival of the beloved comic strip. You see, in the waning days of the original Bloom County, which ended in August 1989, Trump was fatally injured and his brain transferred into the body of Bill the Cat, the near-catatonic drug-abusing televangelist/heavy-metal superstar/presidential candidate. The tycoon-cat subsequently bought the comic strip and fired all of its characters.

On Tuesday, Breathed signaled the latest run by Happy Meadow Monarchy Party candidates Bill and Opus with the release of a limited-edition campaign poster bearing the slogan, "THBBT: Okay, Then Who Else?"  On Wednesday, the candidates set out to file the appropriate paperwork to run for "president or king."

But lest you think their candidacy will be one shot after another at Trump, note that the first jab comes at Hillary Clinton's expense.

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