'Bloom County' creator crafts 'Star Wars' parody poster: 'Dork Wars: Adulthood Takes A Nap'

Revered creator of "Bloom County," Berkeley Breathed, has drawn a satirical rendition of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" poster, packed with characters from his own comic strip.

Known for his biting satire, Breathed revived his "Bloom County" strip after a significant hiatus earlier this year, to much acclaim. While the artist is usually expending his creative energy to roast the likes of Donald Trump, Breathed took time to poke fun at the enormous hype of "The Force Awakens."

Check out Breathed's full poster for "Dork Wars: Adulthood Takes a Nap," featuring the likes of "Bloom County's" Opus, Steve Dallas and Bill the Cat as Rey, Kylo Renn as a Stormtrooper, respectively, below:

You can keep up to date on Breathed's "Bloom County" revival over at his Facebook page.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hits screen this Friday, December 18.

(via Bloom County 2015)

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