Bloodshot Could Be the John Wick of Comic Book Movies

While several of Valiant Entertainment's comic titles have earned critical acclaim, many comics fans are still not familiar with the publisher's biggest characters. It could be argued that Bloodshot is their most popular character, and the simplest way to describe him is "what if the Punisher had Wolverine's healing factor?" Yeah, the guy is that dangerous.

In a universe that's packed with formidable characters, Bloodshot is arguably the most fearsome. He may not be quite as skilled as Ninjak or as powerful as X-O Manowar, but thanks to advanced nanobots coursing through his bloodstream, Bloodshot is virtually unstoppable. No matter how many times you hit him, the guy will keep his sights on you and never give up. He's a highly trained and determined dude who can heal at a ridiculously fast rate -- not even getting shot in the head will keep him down. Throw in some other cool abilities -- superhuman physical attributes, shapeshifting and even controlling technology -- and an easy to follow backstory, and it's no surprise that the he's the first Valiant character to get their own live-action movie.

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Directed by Dave Wilson (who worked closely with Deadpool's Tim Miller) and written by Eric Heisserer (Arrival), Bloodshot stars Vin Diesel as the deadly lead character. Valiant's very first live-action movie started production this week and is currently set for a 2020 release. Sony and Valiant's plan is for Diesel's Bloodshot to kick off a new cinematic universe, and eventually lead the way to a crossover Harbinger Wars film. In the wrong hands, Bloodshot could be a totally forgettable action movie.

But, if handled properly, Bloodshot could be a legitimately exciting and well-choreographed R-rated action movie that never slows down as it introduces a brand-new cinematic universe. In other words, Bloodshot has the potential to become the John Wick of comic book movie universes. Keep in mind, we're talking about comic book movies that exist within shared cinematic universes, so this unfortunately eliminates the very awesome comic book movie Dredd.

While Deadpool focused on comedy and Logan focused on drama, Bloodshot has the potential to be the first modern R-rated comic book movie in a shared universe that is simply badass and never lets up as it focuses on pure action. Luckily, it would appear that's exactly what the people behind the movie are going for, too. According to The Wrap, the movie's tone and look will allegedly draw inspiration from iconic action movies like The TerminatorRoboCop, and Total Recall. Hopefully, this also means Bloodshot is putting a focus on practical effects instead of relying too much on CGI. These are fitting movies to inspire Bloodshot. After all, the movie is about a seemingly unkillable character who, in the comics, doesn't know who he is and if he can trust his own memories.

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