"Bloodshot" Continues "Summer of Valiant"

Continuing its week of "Summer of Valiant" teasers, Valiant Entertainment revealed a new image of "Bloodshot." With the accompanying text, "Every mission is a suicide mission," "Bloodshot" #1 will hit in July, following the release of "X-O Manowar" #1 in May and "Harbinger" #1 in June. "Harbinger" was revealed as Valiant's second launch title last week complete with a Valiant Pullbox Program variant cover. The revelation of "Bloodshot" as one of Valiant's major launch books comes as very little surprise, considering the recent news of Sony Pictures nabbing the rights to "Bloodshot". Other recent announcements include a clever talking variant cover for "X-O Manowar" #1.

"I think there was a reason why Valiant had such a tremendous impact in the industry, initially," Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons told CBR in January. "I think the characters they have really are exceptional. When I was thinking of coming onboard the company, the first thing that I did was research the IP. The thing that I found, time and time again, whether it was X-O or Harbinger or Bloodshot, the core concepts driving the characters really are fantastic. When you have that, you have the foundation for a really incredible universe. The thing about Valiant is that it's not just about a single comic; it's about the tapestry of the larger universe and how these characters play a role in it."

Check out the teaser image below and stay tuned for more on Valiant Entertainment's "Summer of Valiant."

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