"Bloodrayne's" Mynce Makes Comic Book Debut

Official Press Release

Haverhill, MA - Digital Webbing Press has announced that the new one-shot for the acclaimed BloodRayne comic book series, entitled Tibetan Heights #1 , will hit shops in March 2007.

Tibetan Heights will feature the debut of a key female character from BloodRayne's past - Mynce .   BloodRayne's friend and mentor, Mynce is a Tibetan-born Dhampir with the same abilities as BloodRayne.

The Tibetan Heights story is set seventy years ago, when BloodRayne met her mentor at the roof top of the world to begin her training as an agent of the Brimstone Society. For the first time ever, catch a glimpse of BloodRayne alongside Mynce in one of their earliest action-packed adventures together. The fate of Tibet hangs in the balance as master and apprentice fight to stop a vampire occult from hijacking an entire country!

The Mynce character was first introduced back in 2002 in the original BloodRayne video game, from Majesco. Tibetan Heights will represent the debut of Mynce in a comic book series. Chad Hardin, penciler for the Tibetan Heights one-shot, was also the cover artist for the BloodRayne 2 video game.

A signature bonus of the BloodRayne series, which will be included in Tibetan Heights, are behind-the-scenes commentary on the making of the issue with peeks at unused art, penciled sketches, and insider commentary by the creative team themselves.

The Tibetan Heights story is written by Troy Wall, penciled by Chad Hardin, inked by Jimmy Reyes and colored by Joel Seguin. Tibetan Heights represents the 9 th comic book of the BloodRayne series.

Be sure to reserve your copy now of BloodRayne : Tibetan Heights # 1 (32 pages, full color cover and interiors, $3.99 US) coming this March to your local comic shop. Two cover versions by Chad Hardin will be offered.

BloodRayne: Tibetan Heights #1 appears in the current Diamond catalogue.

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