"BloodRayne: Dark Soul" Offered in Two Covers

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AUGUST 18, 2005 -- BAYVILLE, NJ -- Echo 3 Worldwide and Digital Webbing want fans toknow that "BloodRayne: Dark Soul" hasn't been cancelled but postponed to bere-solicited in the October Previews catalog for items shipping in December."Artist, Cedric Nocon was rushed into emergency surgery just after the San DiegoComic Con," explains E3W President, Steven O'Connell. "This forced production tocome to a grinding halt." There were two choices they could have taken: get a newartist to complete the book - thus having two artists on the book.or, discard thecurrent pages and have the new artist start from scratch. "As a fan, I thoughtoption two was the right choice," O'Connell emphasized. "I always hated when a bookchanged artists midway through a story. I'm sure I'm not alone. The easy choicewould have been option one.but I'm sure fans will really enjoy the artwork of RobDelatorre. He's truly doing a bang-up job. Plus, we're utilizing Cedric Nocon'samazing layouts so he still has a hand in Dark Soul, albeit a small but significantone."

Echo 3 Worldwide and Digital Webbing are planning two new covers for Decemberrelease. "We decided as a thank you to retailers and the fans, we'll offer two newcovers," explains O'Connell. "The first cover will be by fan favorite, RomanoMolenaar ("BloodRayne: Skies Afire," "Witchblade," "The Darkness" and "Lady Death"). Thesecond will be by new artist, Rob Delatorre ("Seal Team Seven"). Both covers will beavailable to order through Previews."

With their schedule adjusted, the next BloodRayne one-shot to hit shops will be"BloodRayne: Lycan Rex" (Diamond Item Code: AUG05 2880) available for order right nowin the August Previews for items shipping in October. "It's practically ready toship out to the printer," explains O'Connell. "And there will also be two coversfor this book: one by interior artist, Mark A. Robinson ("New Mutants," "Codename:Knockout").and another by cover artist extraordinaire, Greg Horn ("Elektra," "EmmaFrost," "Vampirella").

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width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0"> width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0">"Rex" Cover B"Soul" Cover A"Soul" Cover B

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