"Bloodhound" Cancelled, Jolley Off "Firestorm"

Not a good day of news for Dan Jolley fans. Thursday afternoon Newsarama confirmed that the DC Comics title "Bloodhound" had been cancelled with April's issue #10.

The news just keeps getting worse, though, as Jolley announced on his Studio Phoenix forum that he'll also be leaving "Firestorm."

"Tonight seems like a pretty good opportunity to drop some more news on you, in light of the announcement of 'Bloodhound's' cancellation earlier today.

"What do you get when you combine a number of new projects for me, one of which is immense in scope and totally beyond anything I've done before, with DC's plans to 're-think' one of their titles?

"My farewell. Issue #13 will be my last one of 'Firestorm.'

"I'm leaving at a really good place, though. 'Learning Curve,' the arc that just started, will be wrapped up with a great big bow, and I'm very pleased with what DC and I were able to accomplish. I'll miss the book -- I had some things coming up that I was tremendously excited about -- but I have total faith in Steve Wacker to shepherd this title along and make sure it's great."

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