Blood of the Demon #17 Review

I cannot prove it or anything, but I have a sinking feeling that this issue, the final issue of John Byrne's Blood of the Demon (with Will Pfeifer on scripting duty and Dan Green on inks), was not originally meant to be the last issue. Or rather, that is was meant as a "possible" last issue, and then had reworked pages to make it a "definitive" last issue.

I say this because, for the majority of the issue, the showdown between the three Etrigans (Etrigan, Etrigan plucked from the past and the Lord of the Damned, whose spirit is controlled by the past Etrigan) reads just like a normal issue of a comic book. But there is a framing sequence tied into it that READS like it was added on later to provide a suitable ending for the series. That's just how it reads to me. It may be intended, in which case it's a bit odder, as while I will cut a lot of slack for having to quickly write a final issue that addresses everything, I will cut a lot more slack if the issue was partially done when it had to be REwritten to address everything.

Because the framing sequence is pretty clunky. Some pretty over the top expositionary dialogue.

However, the battle scenes were engaging and a lot of fun. In addition, I really liked the final twist in the series. Very clever way of ending the series.

Byrne's art was quite good in the series, and this issue as well. I always enjoyed Dan Green's inks over Byrne's pencils, and this issue is no different.

The framing sequence, along with the fact that the book is strictly a "wrap-up" issue, is too much for me to recommend the comic, but as someone who's been reading this series (and have been disappointed by some recent issues), I really enjoyed it. Very nice art.

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