Blokhedz, FF2, Speed Racer, Super Max: April 19th Comic Reel Wrap


We got an email from Imajination Studios alerting us to the development of the magical realism comic book into an independent animated feature film. How far along are they? Well, how about a teaser trailer -- that do anything for you, holmes?


We've got the inside dirt on Laurence Fishburne being cast as the Silver Surfer right here at CBR.


IESB is reporting that "Lost" actor Matthew Fox has been cast as Racer X, which eschews actor Vince Vaughan's desires to play the role.


Director David Goyer is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how he started working with 22-year-old Justin Marks. "My wife found Justin," Goyer said. "She's the producer, and she just said, 'I read this kid's spec script. He's really talented. You should meet with him.' And I met with him, and I thought he was really talented. And we just said, 'Let's find something to do together.' ... I love finding new people out of nowhere. I love working with young talent, whether it be actors or writers."

Goyer also talked to IESB about the project, as well as a little bit about "The Flash," "Blade" and "Thor."


The wrangling in the public arena continues, as actor Tobey Maguire is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how close he is to his collaborators. "It definitely is a family," Maguire said. "My relationship has really grown with all of them. I really respect and really appreciate the dynamics that we have as a little company, a little troop or a little family. I love working with Kirsten and James and the whole cast that I have worked with before. And it's Sam who's the key. His vision as a filmmaker is incredible, and we definitely have a real shorthand. Plus, I have a lot of fun with him." Sounds like a guy who might play hardball if negotiations don't include the whole "family."


Lots of new data on the Windy City shoot, including commentary from the mayor quoted at the local NBC affiliate. Superhero Hype again has set photos from the production.


Genre legend Lynda Carter talked to TV Guide about her upcoming guest appearance on the hit CW series in the episode "Progeny." Yahoo! TV also has three clips from that episode, while the network video hub has posted a director's cut clip as well. Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has a new image gallery of promotional images from the May 10th episode "Prototype."


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