Blogathon 2010 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (July 17), starting at 9am, this year's blogathon will begin at GraphiContent. That means I will be posting every 30 minutes for a full 24 hours (49 posts in total). This year, I will be discussing pretty much all of the Hellblazer comics I own (list here) and will be doing so to raise money for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. You can sponsor me by donating the CBLDF at the link there (or by clicking on the picture at the top of the page on my blog); give whatever amount you feel appropriate, just be sure to let me know you have so I can keep track of the money raised -- and give out proper thank yous. The past two times I've done this, it's been fantastic and this year should be as well. I've got a few surprise topics to throw in with the established list and, well, it's always fun to see what I'll wind up writing when we hit four in the morning and I'm desperate for a little bit of sleep.

Some people have asked how I do this and it's simple. None of the posts are written in advance. They'll all be scheduled to go up on the hour/half-hour, but all of them will be written during the half-hour period following the previous post. Sometimes, I'll get a little ahead to afford me time to prepare food or run to the store for something, but, in those cases, I always leave part of the post to be written after I return to keep in the spirit of things. I'm doing this for charity, so I'm not about to cheat -- I just bend things a little so I can, well, eat. I'll be responding to comments as I go and posting on Twitter most likely. I hope people can give some money to a good cause and also tune in to lend moral support since 24 hours is a long time to be stuck at your computer writing about comics. It's a fun 24 hours, but long.

So, tune in tomorrow at 9 am on GraphiContent where I'll be discussing Hellblazer and raising money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


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