Blizzard Announces Diablo IV With Bloody Gameplay Trailer

Blizzard Entertainment finally showcased raw footage of the highly anticipated Diablo IV, the latest installment in the RPG hack-and-slash franchise. Diablo 3, the last game in the franchise, released over seven years ago.

Narrated by an old soothsayer, the trailer highlights the grittiness of Diablo IV's world: grotesque corpses line the main roads of every location, overcast days blankets the land in perpetual darkness and rabid wolves as well as frightening monsters lie in wait for weary travelers.

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Three classes from previous Diablo entrees are shown in the trailer as well: sorceress, barbarian and druid. The sorceress employs the arcane elements to freeze and burn her foes, rendering them incapacitated. The barbarian, equipped with melee weapons like axes and swords, uses brute strength to cleave openings in enemy hordes. Finally, the druid can utilize shapeshifting abilities and lightning magic to decimate adversaries. Together, the three classes are a force to be reckoned with.

With BlizzCon 2019 underway, more exciting announcements and reveals are likely on the way. Diablo IV will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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