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Blind Love: 15 Women That Daredevil Slept With

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Blind Love: 15 Women That Daredevil Slept With

In the world of comics, it’s not uncommon to find superheroes that have had multiple romantic interests. It’s especially true for superhero Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil. The Man Without Fear, when he’s not in the courtroom or fighting psychopathic villains like Bullseye and Mr. Hyde, is typically spending his time wooing woman after woman. Unlike many heroes, when it comes to dating, Daredevil has the worst luck. Yet despite the figurative albatross hanging around his neck, Daredevil constantly throws himself into relationship after relationship. Even when better judgment ought to prevail, Daredevil just can’t help himself.

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Failing to learn from experience (nearly every woman he gets involved with ends up dead or insane), it’d be best for him to step aside and focus his attention elsewhere. Alas, Daredevil’s ability to say no to a pretty face is pretty much non-existent. As for the women who undertake the Lovecraftian nightmare that is dating Matt Murdock, most of them come to grisly or horrible fates; even death can’t stay away from Daredevil’s love life. Regardless, despite the often violent and short-lived nature of his relationships, Daredevil has appreciated every woman he’s been with. Here at CBR we’re going to take a gander at 15 women Daredevil has courted over the years.



One of Daredevil’s most famous relationships, if only because of the Netflix TV show, Karen Page was a part of Daredevil’s life from nearly the beginning of the comic book series. She started originally as the damsel in distress, a plot device to further advance the story, enabling Daredevil to punch the stuffing out of the villain of the week.

Later however, the two would form a deep romantic bond and date. It wouldn’t last however, as Karen eventually became a heroin addict, a porn star, and sold Daredevil’s identity for drug money. This led to the Kingpin nearly killing the hero. Unable to forgive her, Matt abandoned Karen, only for her to later walk in on a fight between him and Bullseye, with the villain impaling her by way of DD’s own Billy club.



Created by Ann Nocenti and Lee Weeks, Nyla Skin first appeared in Daredevil #285, and sported a serious dislike for yuppies and Wall Street businessmen. For various comic book reasons, Matt Murdock suffered amnesia and thought he was a boxer named Jack Murdock (also the name of his deceased father). When amnesiac Matt met Nyla, the two becoming romantically involved with frightening speed. Meanwhile, Bullseye was running through Hell’s Kitchen dressed as Daredevil. It was a curious time for comics.

When she later ended up getting kidnapped (surprise!), as seems to be the mildest rite of passage for anyone attempting to date Daredevil, she was used as leverage to get Matt to throw a fight…because now he was a boxer, rather than Daredevil. Like his father, Matt doesn’t throw the fight and rescues Nyla. Still, their relationship ended soon afterwards. Being kidnapped has a way of doing that.



As you’ll come to see, Daredevil has a thing for dating women who later try and kill him. Another woman of that same variety, Maya Lopez, Echo, believes Daredevil is responsible for the death of her father. Of course Matt Murdock is perfectly okay with dating her, despite her unrelenting rage towards his alter ego. Training vigorously and using her photographic reflex memory to study up on all of Daredevil’s moves, Echo is determined to see justice done for her father.

She finally attacked Daredevil in Daredevil #11 by David Mack. She doesn’t know his secret identity, but Matt is fully aware of who she is, and during the fight she mimics all of Daredevil’s moves perfectly. After Maya beat him senseless with a seesaw, Daredevil talked sense into her in later issues. While they break up, they remain friends as he recommends her for the New Avengers.



You could ask Daredevil when he’ll learn that dating a super villain is a bad idea? You could ask him, but he probably wouldn’t have a legitimate answer for you. Case in point: Typhoid Mary. One day Daredevil was fighting a criminal in a brothel when Mary was knocked out of a window during the fight. The trauma gave the poor thing three separate personalities. One wanted to kill Daredevil and do evil, the other was a mild-mannered woman, and the third was a deviant sex fiend.

Turns out, Daredevil was fine with dating each personality. It also deserves mentioning that Typhoid Mary not only went to work for the Kingpin of Crime, but has telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers. Yet still, Daredevil was content to date her. Needless to say their relationship suffered many, many problems as she tried to murder him.


dakota north

While not exactly a girlfriend of ol’ Hornhead, Dakota North definitely added another notch to Daredevil’s belt, or perhaps it was the other way around. The two met when Jessica Jones gave up her job as an investigator and a bodyguard, and Dakota wanted to fill the role.

And fill the role she did. Appearing relatively after Milla, Matt’s wife, had gone insane and put in a mental institution, Dakota served as the shoulder to lean on that Matt needed. Despite still being married, it didn’t prevent the Man Without Fear to muster up the courage to get busy. Still, this is a Daredevil comic we’re talking about, so the Kingpin somehow got pictures of the illicit affair, spread it far and wide, and ruined both their reputations.


black widow-daredevil

Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, and Daredevil have known each other for years. Daredevil’s courtship of the Russian spy began in the early days of the Daredevil comics. Their relationship became so central to the characters that the Man Without Fear’s own comic book was re-titled as Daredevil And The Black Widow for six issues. Black Widow’s presence was felt even in issues prior and long after.

Unlike many of the women on his list, Black Widow didn’t need Daredevil to rescue her every couple of pages. She was, and is, extremely deadly in her own right and more than capable of fighting everyone from the lethal Hand ninjas to the lame villains like Ramrod. Even though their romantic time together might have been relatively short-lived, and since it was the ’60s we never actually saw them sleep together, they would forever remain fast-friends and loyal partners.


heather glenn

Heather was a well-off socialite who once funded one of Matt Murdock’s legal practices. From there, the two started dating, because no woman can resist Daredevil’s charm. All in all, their relationship started off nicely enough until it was discovered that Glenn’s father was under the control of the controlling villain known as the Purple Man.

From there, things took a horrible turn for the worse. Despite Daredevil eventually recusing her father, the senior Glenn was horrified with the actions he committed under Killgrave’s control and killed himself. Heather would then blame Daredevil for the rest of her (short) life, and even spilled the beans on his identity multiple times. Still, Murdock’s dated spies and assassins, so he forgave her and they got engaged. Though when criminals ruined her business, she blamed Daredevil and went on to hang herself.



Dating cosmic beings might be pushing it for most men, but Daredevil is not most men. He is after all the Man Without Fear and what’s a cosmic-powered girlfriend to such a soul? Sure, technically the two never did the special hug, but they psychically connected once, which might as well have been the same thing. Like most women who meet Daredevil, she immediately fell in love with ol’ Hornhead. Unlike most women, she didn’t end up committing suicide or getting killed by a crazed maniac.

Don’t let that dissuade you into thinking she got away scot free, as no woman ever really gets away from Daredevil. She eventually turned into a literal dragon while navigating the cosmos and nearly went insane. The moral of the story here should be obvious: don’t date Daredevil. Even if you’re not on the same planet, something bad will happen to you.


Black Cat-daredevil

In Amazing Spider-Man #677, the Black Cat got arrested and Spider-Man enlisted Daredevil to try to bail her out. While they tried and figure out a legal strategy to get her out of prison, the Black Cat found her own way: breaking out of custody and going into hiding. Spider-Man and Daredevil tracked her down, but before they can get a handle on her, they fell into a trap she’s made, which in turn brings a building down on both of them, leaving them pinned and very helpless.

Eventually, the three resolved their differences and Daredevil couldn’t help but find Black Cat exceptionally alluring. Things got hot and heavy with the pair, but it was a relationship that wasn’t meant to be, as both vigilantes resigned to the idea that they were in it for fun and nothing long-term.



Because someone was fool enough to think marrying Daredevil was a good idea. When the hero saved the blind Milla Donovan from getting hit by a truck, the two quickly fell in love and were even faster in getting married. The marriage was kind of a sham however, as Milla discovered Matt only married her because he was suffering a nervous breakdown.

She tried to annul the marriage, but that didn’t work out and she found herself in peril nearly every day of the week. Surviving assaults from the Kingpin, Typhoid Mary, and even Bullseye, Milla was pretty sturdy…until she was exposed to Mr. Fear’s fear gas and went mad. She ended up in an asylum and hasn’t been the same since; forever scarred by even the appearance of Daredevil.


glorianna breen-daredevil

Glorianna O’Breen was a redhead like Matt. She was a native of Ireland and would date the Man Without Fear for quite some time. Even though she proved herself to be tough and more than capable, she unfortunately also suffered from damsel in distress syndrome. She and Matt started dating once Karen Page was out of the picture, but once Karen returned, Matt dumped Glorianna. Not to be undone, she then started dating Foggy Nelson.

This didn’t last too long. And rather frankly, once she started dating Foggy, it was a sure sign that her time was up. Since she was no longer a main character and since Daredevil comics rarely have a happy ending for anyone, once she was no longer dating Matt, she was brutally murdered by Victor Krueller, an agent of the Kingpin.



She is competent, resourceful, and capable of dating Daredevil without getting killed or going absolutely bonkers. Kirsten McDuffie started dating Matt Murdock at the beginning of Mark Waid’s run on the character, remaining a long-lasting character who proved her worth on more than one occasion. Together, the pair set up a law firm, and while Matt tried to throw her off the scent, she pretty easily figured out he was Daredevil.

The two of them were together for a time, with Kirsten putting up with Matt’s shenanigans; at least until the Purple Man tried to have her killed. She survived, but realized the real insanity would be to continue seeing Matt. She eventually wanted him back however, but Matt decided to break things up for good. He then mind-wiped her, and the world, into forgetting his identity. Classy.


Becky Blake

First appearing in Daredevil #155, Becky Blake was the other secretary to work for and date Matt Murdock aside from Karen Page. Before she worked for Daredevil, her life was already fraught with tragedy, having been attacked by a criminal and made to live in a wheelchair. She didn’t let that stop her however as she became an incredibly capable lawyer.

While she had strong feelings for Matt and really wanted to sleep with him, he eventually decided he didn’t feel the same, rejecting her on more than one occasion. And despite the fact that Daredevil went on to become the head of the Hand and get possessed by a demon, it wasn’t enough to dissuade Becky from still wanting to at least be friends with Matt.



On Netflix’s Daredevil, Claire Temple has carved an important place for herself. Running into Daredevil after she found him badly injured and lying in a dumpster, the two immediately connected. Yet shortly thereafter, Claire was kidnapped and beaten by those who were looking for the superhero. She didn’t give anything information up and was rescued just in time, lucky for her.

While the two noble characters may not have lain together in the Biblical sense, especially after Claire was worried that Matt was getting too dark for her liking, they still shared undeniable intimacy together. The time they spent together, more notably when Daredevil opens up to her and explains his powers, is a powerful moment and definitely deserves recognition. It was the relationship that could have been.


Marvel Comics Elektra

One of the more infamously dysfunctional relationships in all of comics, Daredevil and Elektra are the textbook definition of on-again, off-again lovers and enemies. A highly-skilled assassin, the chosen leader of the Hand, and more than capable of beating Daredevil in hand-to-hand combat, Elektra would seem like the perfect fit for the Man Without Fear.

The two met in college and started quite the relationship, but after Elektra’s father was killed, she went to travel the world. When she returned, after training with Stick and the Hand, she took up the post of being the Kingpin’s head assassin. Despite this, Daredevil initiated his patented wooing process. It was short-lived, as you might expect, as Bullseye soon killed her. She eventually came back, deadlier than ever, and while the two are no longer seeing each other, she still makes Daredevil’s heart go aflutter.

What do you think of Daredevil’s romantic adventures? Let us know in the comment section!

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