Bleach: 10 Essential Facts About Szayelaporro Granz

In Tite Kubo's smash hit anime series Bleach, there's no shortage of bad guys for Ichigo, Uryu, Renji, Orihime, and the others to contend with. Even when the misunderstanding with the Soul Society was cleared up and everyone rallied against Sosuke Aizen, there were the ten Espadas and many lesser Arrancars to face! They're going to put up a tough fight, and some are more powerful than even the Captains.

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The octavo Espada, Szayelaporro Granz, is a real standout in this gang of monsters and thugs. He's ranked a bit low, but his powers are unique and terrifying. It took the combined arms of Renji, Uryu, and Captain Kurotsuchi to finally bring him down. And until then, Szayelaporro was a busy man. What are ten essential facts about this insidious Espada?

10 He's Sadistic

Halibel cares about her fracciones like sisters. Ulquiorra just gets the job done, no questions asked. Grimmjow wants a fair fight. But Szayelaporro is a cruel jerk! In battle, he spends every minute taunting and degrading his opponents, often baiting them into attacking him, only to overpower them. And he doesn't just win; he uses those unique powers to torture his opponents to study their reactions and savor their cries of pain! He has no sense of compassion whatsoever.

9 He's A Scientist First

The 8th Espada is meant to be an even more terrifying version of the scientist-Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and Dondochakka described Szayelaporro as Hueco Mundo's top spiritual weapons expert. Szayelaporro himself explained that he's "not much a fighter," and indeed, he prefers to disable his opponents and paralyze them for later study, rather than pummel them like Grimmjow or Nnoitora would. To him, a fight is more like a chance to capture a new live specimen.

8 His Modified Fracciones

A fraccione (Spanish for "fraction") is a lesser arrancar who serves an Espada as a faithful minion. Several Espadsa have at least one or two, but Szayelaporro has a whole platoon of them, and they can help him corner a target.

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They have some modest fighting skills, but their real asset is their healing power. Whenever Szayelaporro gets injured, he can simply eat one and become fully healed! He did this when Uryu and Renji trapped him and set off a devastating explosion, much to the two boys' dismay.

7 He's Wary Of Aizen

Szayelaporro has a rather shaky relationship with Aizen, like Grimmjow does. The 8th Espada likes to act on his own accord, capturing live specimens and experimenting on them without much oversight. For a time, Szayelaporro thought his actions were a secret, until Aizen casually asked about them. Szayelaporro was terrified that Aizen would then punish him, but the 8th Espada assured his boss that all was going well, and Aizen was satisfied. It was the first and among the very few times Szayelaporro was ever afraid of someone.

6 His Use Of Sensor Bugs

When Renji first came face to face with the 8th Espada, Szayelaporro already knew the name, shikai and bankai, and composition of Zabimaru. How? Like Mayuri, Szayelaporro makes use of remote sensor bugs, and can discreetly implant them in people.

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In this case, he installed some in his younger brother Ilfort Grantz (pictured), whom Renji fought and defeated. This made it easy for Szayelaporro to seal away Renji's Bankai, and even Zabimaru's shikai did little good against this Espada.

5 His First Quincy

Szayelaporro didn't find Renji very interesting, since Renji had a straightforward fighting style and a basic, melee-style sword. By contrast, Uryu was a breath of fresh air, and Szayelaporro was eager to study Uryu at length and find out how Quincies work. Uryu fought back, but his powers were soon sealed away, since Szayelaporro understood their nature and nullified them. Turns out he had also installed spy bugs in Uryu's previous opponent, the Privaron Espada Cirucci Sanderwicci. Only Mayuri's timely arrival spared Uryu a visit to the dissection table.

4 He Can Come Back To Life

A battle of the scientists erupted once Captain Kurotsuchi arrived, and this Captain didn't fall for Szayelaporro's tricks like Renji and Uryu did. Captain Kurotsuchi kept avoiding the 8th Espada's deadly attacks, and retaliated by sending his bankai to devour the Espada alive.

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But that wasn't the end. Szayelaporro copied himself into an egg that he implanted in Nemu Kurotsuchi, feeding on her innards. Then, he emerged ready to fight once again! He calls this ability Gabriel.

3 His Specimen Collection

Pictured is Dordoni, who lost his life to the Exequias and ended up in Szayelaporro's specimen collection. Just as Mayuri collected many Quincies to study, the 8th Espada had his own collection, and he put several fallen arrancars in there. Once Mayuri won their duel, the Captain uncovered Szayelaporro's underground bunker and opened it, revealing multiple arrancar bodies hanging from the ceiling. Mayuri then stole them, and much later, used them against Sternritter "Z" Giselle Gewelle.

2 He Aims For Perfection

the 8th Espada matches Captain Kurotsuchi in many ways, but here is a major difference: Szayelaporro strives for perfection. He is seriously ambitious, and he's sure that with enough studying and the correct technique, he can become an immortal being, always reborn like a phoenix from the ashes of defeat. It's an interesting thought, but a fatally flawed once. Once he becomes "perfect," all improvement and curiosity end. Stagnation, to put it another way. Captain Kurotsuchi knew better, and he explained this when the defeated Szayelaporro for all time.

1 Dress For The Occasion

As opposed to Captain Kurotsuchi's exotic hats and face paint, Szayelaporro opts for a more professorly look. He keeps his hair rather tidy, and his hollow mask remains resemble a pair of glasses. he also dresses in a neat outfit complete with gloves, and he was pretty upset when Uryu's explosion trap burned his clothes to rags. He actually walked out of the battle to get changed! Renji and Uryu were flabbergasted at this show of vanity, but there was nothing they could do. What's funny is that just minutes after getting changed, Szayelaporro released his zanpakuto and morphed into a different appearance anyway.

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