Bleach: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

What makes for a good story? A good yarn is one that introduces the world and the characters, thrusts the hero into danger against a dastardly villain, and tasks them with triumphing over these antagonists while growing as a person. By the end, most likely, the hero has won and they have learned and developed as a character. Every story is different, but that's the gist of many of them. The same is true in the anime world, such as in Tite Kubo's Bleach.

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For the most part, Bleach's story is straightforward, and when it's over, you know it. Still, while the final few chapters wrapped up some individual plots, there are still plenty of lingering questions. Many characters are last seen in the middle of conflict, or they just vanish halfway through. Whatever happened to them? Let's review the characters and plots that were never really wrapped up.

10 Sajin and Squad Seven

Sajin's career as a Soul Reaper probably came to an end when he gave up his powers to assume a human form and fight to the death against Sternritter "E" Bambietta Basterbine. He won that battle, but after it, he shrank down into a dog and Tetsuzaemon Iba took over as Squad Seven's Captain.

What will Sajin do now? Perhaps he's always watching Iba faithfully to monitor the new Captain's career, or he's wandered off to see the world or sit in quiet meditation somewhere. Wherever you may be, Sajin, we miss you!

9 Uryu and Ryuken

Uryu Ishida appeared to turn traitor at first, but from within the ranks of the Sternritter, he helped Ichigo engineer the downfall of the Wandenreich. Some years later, he became a doctor like his father, and he's probably a busy man. He and his father Ryuken often clashed about the role of a Quincy in the modern world, but now, is their relationship more cordial?

It may be likely, since Uryu left his fighting days behind him, but we're not entirely clear. Ryuken doesn't have much family left, so we sure hope that father and son are at least on speaking terms.

8 Karin and Yuzu

Although both of Ichigo's little sisters appear in Bleach's final chapter, it's not certain where their lives are headed. Both girls are smart and responsible, though, so we can presume that these young women have a bright future.

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It's fun to speculate, so perhaps Karin became a personal fitness instructor or a high school gym coach? As for Yuzu, it's a little tougher to guess, but maybe she settled down and started a family of her own?

7 Byakuya and Yoruichi

These two are like fire and ice, and their relationship goes back to 110 years before the main events of Bleach. For a brief time, they were on opposite sides of battle, as Ichigo stormed the Soul Society to save Rukia from execution. Now, they're on the same side again to battle the Arrancars and the Wandenreich.

How about their personal relationship? Surely they get along better now, having had a chance to impress each other on the battlefield? Let's hope they're at least pen pals, since both could use a few more friends.

6 Keigo Asano's fate

Here's another character who appears fairly late in Bleach, but we're not entirely sure where his life is headed. For the most part, he was a total goofball at school, and he spent more time with the girls than hitting the books. For his sake, it can be hoped that he settled down and focused on himself.

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College is a place to reinvent yourself, and for all we know, Keigo really turned himself around and found a field of study to invest in. Hey, yesterday's unfocused student could be tomorrow's real estate mogul. People change!

5 Hueco Mundo

This is the Hollow homeworld, so to speak, or at least their home base. In some ways, Hueco Mundo will never change, as it is a world of the dead. Still, powerful Hollows can become its ruler, and for a time, Barragan was its king until Aizen usurped him.

Halibel replaced both of them as queen for a time, but then the Wandenreich captured her. So... is there a new ruler of the great desert? Or are Hollows still vying for power? Another idea is that it has split into a number of fiefdoms with local Hollow lords. Might makes right out there.

4 Grimmjow

It's not unthinkable that the former sexta Espada Grimmjow Jaegerjaques answered the previous question and became Hueco Mundo's new ruler. After all, he did fancy himself a "king," and he will crush anyone who gets in his way.

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Though he's still alive during the final battle against the Wandenreich, he seems to be a total loner. He hasn't forgotten his feud with Ichigo, either! For his sake, let us hope this wandering Arrancar has found some new friends.

3 Nelliel

Only a few Arrancars survived the war against Sosuke Aizen, and Nelliel is one of them, along with Grimmjow. We see her again during the battle against the Wandenreich, and she is once again determined to help Ichigo in any way he can.

After the battle, though, where does she go from here? Given her personality, she probably has no interest in ruling Hueco Mundo, and if Grimmjow is the king, she probably wants nothing to do with him. This poor girl hardly has any cause or organization to call her own at this point.

2 Don Kanonji

This television star loves the world of spirits, even if he can barely see it. Don is really just a filler character, but he's not a bad guy, and we might wonder what his life is like now. According to canon, he's returned to his TV star ways, but having met Ichigo, we're sure his views on the world have changed.

Under the surface, he must be shaken, knowing that there are such great powers in the universe. Then again, we can hope he's on friendly terms with Ichigo if another Hollow-based emergency comes up! Ichigo doesn't like him, but they aren't enemies. Ichigo is always there to protect the innocent, too.

1 Kon

This whimsical soul is in much the same boat as Nelliel. He's not a bad guy and has no real enemies, but neither does he have a place to call home, unless Ichigo takes him in.

He has no cause to follow or organization to join, and his very existence as a mod soul is scorned by the Soul Society. He's funny on the outside, but a little tragic on the inside. Poor guy. Where does a talking stuffed lion toy go from here? Maybe the next Toy Story?

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