Bleach: The 10 Least Intelligent Characters

In any action anime series in the Shonen world, there's going to be a diverse cast of characters: heroes, villains, rogues, warriors, magic wielders, and much more. In Bleach, viewers meet the upstart hero Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends Uryu, Chad, and Orihime, and they and the Soul Reapers battle the forces of evil. Often, clever planning and battle intuition will win the day.

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But some characters can't quite measure up, they often rely on brute force or directions from others to get the job done. Some characters in this list make some questionable judgment calls, or they use simple methods to achieve their goals. Or at least, they show no sign of great wit in battle.

10 Demora

This is a pretty straightforward case. Demora is one of the low-ranking Arrancars, assigned to protect one of the entrances to Hueco Mundo along with Iceringer. This lumbering brute has little power in battle, and his battle strategy is to throw simple punches and extend his long tongue.

He shows no sign of creativity or cunning in battle, and his companion suggests that he's pretty dim. We'll have to take Iceringer's word for it because we see nothing to the contrary.

9 Kon

This lovable mod soul is often the last one to figure things out, and he nearly blurts out critical information at least once. That and his motives are silly and very simple. He'd rather chase skirts and criticize Ichigo than do much else, and he isn't much help in battle.

He even had the ridiculous idea to hop into Ichigo's body for a joyride out in Karakura Town one night... only to cross paths with an Arrancar version of Grand Fisher! He should have stayed home in bed.

8 Nirrge Parduoc

Quite a few Arrancars make this list, and it seems that Aizen's evil army is mainly composed of thugs who can't do a thing without good leadership to guide them. Cue Nirrge Parduoc, who has a pretty simple fighting style that couldn't put a scratch on a Lieutenant (Omaeda of Squad 2).

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He landed one comic relief slap, but that was it, and his release form was too slow and straightforward to get the job done. He underestimated Omaeda's speed and, even in defeat, he annoyed and bullied the victorious Omaeda. He's just asking for another beating at this point!

7 Loly Avirrne

She is one of the loose Arrancars running around in Las Noches, along with Menoly. What makes her such a foolish person? She bullied Orihime, the VIP of Las Noches!

Aizen took great care to get Orihime into the Arrancar stronghold, and Loly, in a fit of petty jealousy, tormented Orihime and drew Grimmjow's wrath. Later, she did it again! Messing with Orihime is bound to bring trouble, and Loly just doesn't get it.

6 Zommari Rureaux

What got the Septima Espada on this list is his very loose lips! To his credit, Zommari was skilled enough to develop the Gemelos Sonido, which used his incredible speed to create afterimages to fool the opponent whenever he moved. He even outmaneuvered Byakuya Kuchiki this way!

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But not even Zommari's released form could save him. His numerous eyes allow him to control a subject, but he took great pains to explain to his opponent every detail of how this ability works. So, of course, Byakuya could work around it and defeat him! What's more, Zommari can control an entire person's body if his vision-mark gets on their head, and he controlled Rukia this way. Couldn't he do that to Byakuya at some point?

5 Dondochakka

Appearances are often deceiving, but other times, they are not. The silly Arrancar, known as Dondochakka, really is as dim-witted as he looks, and his immature antics quickly get on everyone's nerves. Not only that, but he has no real battle strategy, instead using a spiked club to fight.

He also has a bad habit of crying out and blabbering in a fight, which draws a lot of unnecessary attention to himself. For the most part, Dondochakka is really just a liability.

4 Apacci

Yet another Arrancar makes this list. In this case, one of Halibel's Fraccions, Apacci. She and Mila Rose get along terribly, and they often fuss at Sun-Sun, too. It's a miracle they can fight cohesively in battle, and taunting works quite well against them.

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With just a few choice words, Rangiku got right under Apacci's and Mila Rose's skin, disrupting their battle plan. Apacci also recklessly touched the deadly ashes of Haineko, injuring her arm. Hands off!

3 Yammy Llargo

This is the second Espada and the last Arrancar to make this list. Imagine the Incredible Hulk, minus the scientist Bruce Banner! Yammy can't do anything without being told to first, and in each battle, he gets outmaneuvered with every step.

Kisuke and Yoruichi beat him to submission and, in a later battle, Kisuke easily deduced the nature of Yammy's attacks and gained the upper hand. Later still, Yammy fell prey to Uryu's anti-Arrancar mines, and took an early leave from the battle against Ulquiorra. He's got brawn... and that's absolutely it!

2 Don Kanonji

Why does this TV star make the list? He gets credit for building up such a large viewer base, but he shows little wit or cunning beyond that. More importantly, he makes the incredibly questionable decision to confront distressed spirits and pry off their spirit chains, thus converting them into hollows even faster!

Don has enough spiritual power to see those souls clearly, but he never once realized the true nature of what he did. He was devastated when Ichigo finally explained this to him.

1 Keigo Asano

Keigo is in much the same boat as Kon. All he does is chase skirts and try to indulge his every whim, with no thought to how much he annoys everyone else. He's not really a bad kid, but he ought to get his act together sooner rather than later.

Keigo isn't even a good student either, and he was envious when Ichigo scored high in their class. Instead, Keigo ought to have learned from this example and hit the books!

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