Bleach: 10 Amazing Works Of Fan Art That We Love

Bleach is Tite Kubo's successful manga series that was beautifully animated for a 366-episode run on television. The anime comes loaded with stunning imagery and a slew of imaginative character designs. Therefore, it can only be expected of artistically gifted fans from all over the world to provide their own interpretations of the cast.

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Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is the most frequent subject when it comes to Bleach artwork and renditions, but artists will occasionally show other characters some appreciation with praiseworthy pieces. Let's take a look at 10 amazing works of Bleach fan art that we absolutely love.

10 Ichigo by RamRamOppa

Via instagram.com/ramramoppa

RamRam Nismal was commissioned this piece and the end result is nothing short of stunning. The artwork features Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo, and Zangetsu (the manifested spirit of the main character's unique Zanpakuto weapon).

The post above includes a black-and-white version on the first slide and a fully colored rendition on the second slide. Both are beautiful in their own right; the first picture looks like it belongs in an exclusive manga volume and the second would make a gorgeous piece of wall art. RamRam is available to discuss commissions in his DMs, but you could also explore his Instagram feed for more incredible works.

9 Bleach Collection by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau is a wildly successful artist and co-founder of the prosperous Imaginary Friends Studios. He has created remarkable pieces for companies like DC, Marvel, and Capcom, so it's no surprise that his anime artwork is also noteworthy.

The post above is a compilation of his Bleach pieces that feature different characters: Ichigo Kurosaki, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Rukia Kuchiki. Stanley provided each character with a uniquely colored aura, so to speak, that makes each illustration stand out and exude their own individual spirit. The artist has an official website (artgerm.com) where you can sift through his collections and access an online store.

8 Semi-Realistic Ichigo by KSmile1313

Realistic or semi-realistic depictions of anime characters are always as breathtaking as they are inspiring. It takes a special kind of talent to make these personalities appear human-like, but KSmile1313 has it down pat. Her social media is riddled with artwork and the LinkTree in her Instagram bio will direct you to all of her active pages.

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This Ichigo portrait is stellar and portrays the main character in a way we've never seen him. The majority of the emotion stems from his eyes, which are arguably the most lifelike aspects of the illustration. KSmile1313's Ichigo could very well be a real living, breathing person.

7 Byakuya Kuchiki by Mayara Rodrigues

Brazilian artist Mayara Rodrigues specializes in anime fan art and even teaches her own art courses. Her Instagram contains brilliant drawings of personalities from many popular series such as Naruto, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia. She also provides speed drawing videos and glimpses at how her skills have improved over the years.

Mayara's rendition of Byakuya Kuchiki is vivid and colorful while also remaining true to the character. It could practically be a manga cover if she inserted the Bleach logo at the top. The facial features are perfect, the colors are vibrant, and the lines are crisp, including the detailed depiction of his hair.

6 Renji by Mitzi

Mitzi is an anime artist who can be reached via DM for commissions or to purchase any of the art present on her feed. A minor note that some of the artist's other creations are NSFW, so please take that into account before checking out their Instagram page.

Most of her pieces are glossy, lighthearted, and bright, but this illustration of Renji Abarai is one of her darker works. Mitzi's Renji is injured and dripping blood, which was a genius decision in terms of color—the blood pairs well with his striking red locks.

His visage exudes anger and determination, amplified by the fact that half his face is concealed by hair. The off-center placement gives the art piece a dramatic flair and the vague background ensures that you focus solely on the character.

5 Ichigo by Aurora Archangel

Aurora Archangel is a self-taught artist with a diverse portfolio, though she clearly favors Bleach as inspiration for the lion's share of her works. As a matter of fact, she makes two appearances on this list alone for two very different, but equally notable, fan illustrations.

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Aurora's split-screen Ichigo/Hollow Ichigo image is one of her best and most emotional. The details are exceptional overall, but the individual strands of hair depict just how much effort went into the production of this art. Hollow Ichigo, in particular, looks like he's just a few tweaks away from being a full-blown 3-D character.

4 Ichigo by JacobNobleArt

Jacob Noble is a freelance artist and digital illustrator with a dark but thrilling vision. You can DM him on Instagram for commission inquiries and check out his portfolio on his ArtStation page. The post displayed above was commissioned by a fellow Bleach fan and the talented artist certainly showed out.

Jacob leans more toward ominous, gloomy depictions of characters, which amplifies his images of antagonists. However, this piece shows the protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, in a more sinister light. His smile is terrifying—almost Joker-like—and his eyes glow with hostility, making the artwork utterly grim and appealing at the same time.

3 Aizen by Aurora Archangel

As promised, Aurora Archangel makes another appearance on the list with her stunning image of Sosuke Aizen. His signature look changes drastically in the series when he dons an eyepatch—which is the outfit present in other fan art pieces and games like Jump Force—but Aurora chose to render his original form instead.

The semi-realistic portrayal confirms that the artist is versatile and can cater to fans of varying creative styles. The lighting brings Aizen to life, though his eyes also shine with a hint of lifelike brilliance. As was the case with her Hollow Ichigo split-screen, this image also serves intricate detail regarding the strands of hair.

2 Rukia by Rekinfer

Edmund Ong is a freelance artist with a smooth and colorful aesthetic. You can check out his official ArtStation page for a full look at his portfolio. A color study of Bleach's Rukia Kuchiki led to the creation of this gorgeous snowy scenario.

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The second slide in the post grants credit to Edmund's inspiration and he did a phenomenal job placing Rukia in the winter wonderland. The drawing itself represents her character model flawlessly, but it's the colors that help this digital art piece pop. The effort put into the hair, the eye color, and the blush above her cheeks is admirable.

1 Semi-Realistic Ulquiorra by KSmile1313

Like Aurora, KSmile1313 had already shown up once on this list, but her semi-realistic Ulquiorra Cifer is too good to ignore. The antagonist's character model is incredibly anime-like, but the artist managed to make him look like a real human being. She states that, in her mind, the villain originated in Mexico or Spain, which is why she darkened his usually pale skin tone.

This rendition of Ulquiorra is elegant and fascinating. The emotion is palpable and that might be courtesy of the gorgeous green eyes. The forlorn expression on his visage is something that only the most proficient of artists could craft.

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