10 Incredible Bleach Cosplays to Check Out

The hit anime series Bleach, by Tite Kubo, stands as one of the giants of the Shonen world. It stars a colorful cast of characters: heroes and villains, swordsmen and archers, rogues, monsters, and more. Many of these characters have memorable outfits, swords with magic powers, or just a wild hairdo and stylish tattoos or face paint.

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This makes Bleach a fan favorite for cosplaying, and every year, conventions around the world see plenty of costumes inspired by the cast of Bleach. While many costumes are available for purchase, the most expert cosplayers know how to make their very own costumes, wigs, and props from scratch. The end result can be truly impressive. Let's check out some of the best.

10 Nelliel

The list of Bleach cosplayers begins with this charming costume of the lovable rogue Nelliel. This young woman was an Espada, until she was betrayed and cast out of Las Noches, until Ichigo met her in Hueco Mundo's desert. Later, Nelliel resumes her adult form, and this cosplayer captures it just right. This costume features Nelliel's ragged green outfit, which was a cloak for her child form and a sort of bikini for her bigger, adult body. The cosplayer has a suitable wig, and Nelliel's distinctive helmet-mask and her facial markings, too. Not to mention a coy smile for the camera!

9 Execution Site Ichigo

During the climax of the Soul Society arc, Ichigo was fully ready for battle to rescue Rukia. He arrived at Sogyoku Hill with his Soul Reaper robes, along with some added clothes that this cosplayer meticulously added to his own outfit. Ichigo arrived with some beige robes and ropes to accentuate his outfit, and this cosplayer's eye for detail makes it really come to life. The Shikai is looking good too, and the cosplayer's heroic pose is just right for the scene. He even included Ichigo's cheek bandage to round things out.

8 Bankai Rukia

In the Bleach manga, Rukia goes head to head with the terrifying Sternritter As Nodt, and she needs a new secret weapon to take him down for good. Enter her Bankai, Hakka No Togame! It's an ice power like Daiguren Hyorinmaru, but instead of ice wings and a dragon head, Rukia utterly freezes the area solid and slays As Nodt once and for all. This cosplayer here masterfully replicated Rukia's all-white appearance once she harnessed that Bankai, from her robes and gorgeous ice background down to the wig's color and style. Those stunning blue eyes probably come courtesy of some color contact lenses, to great effect.

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7 Ichigo vs Soi Fon

Although Ichigo and Soi Fon never dueled in the manga or anime, cosplay is a great time to invent "what if?" battle pairings. The imagination can take care of the rest, and indeed, an Ichigo vs Soi Fon battle would not be one to miss. Both of these cosplayers strike a great pose to bring the scene to life, and the camera angle ensures that it feels like a manga panel. And of course, both costumes are on point, from the red sash on Ichigo's outfit to Soi Fon's elaborate hair and her wrist-based assassination tool, Suzumebachi. Sting away!

6 Kenpachi, after the battle

Kenpachi Zaraki is the Captain of Squad 11 which in Bleach is the biggest and baddest collection of thugs out there. Meanwhile, even though Kenpachi loves a good fight, he won't finish off a defeated opponent (it doesn't feel sporting to him). So, this cosplayer dove into that fascinating side of Kenpachi's character and showed his "I'm done fighting you" pose. More than once, Kenpachi posed like this while leaving a duel, and the robes, incredible wig, facial scar, and prop zanpakuto are a wonder to see. Now we're wondering who Kenpachi just pummeled in honorable combat!

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5 Jushiro Ukitake

Here is another top-tier cosplayer from the one who brought us Kenpachi, and this time we get Captain Jushiro Ukitake. Now we see a Captain ready for battle, and the prop swords are right on point, including the string that holds them together at the ends. Not to mention how the robes look thick and high quality, and probably comfortable to wear all day, too. This cosplayer's wig looks just right, showing off Ukitake's long white locks, and the background wall really ties all this together.

4 Ulquiorra can see you

Among all of the arrancars serving Sosuke Aizen, the Fourth Espada Ulquiorra Schiffer is among the deadliest and most intriguing. He was sent to survey Ichigo's combat prowess, and this bizarre Espada scooped out his own eyeball and crushed it to share the data with his fellows. Later, Ulquiorra boasted that nothing in the world exists if his eyes cannot see them, and this cosplayer took that to heart. The prop eye looks great, and the cosplayer carefully used body paint and nail polish to recreate Ulquiorra's pale body and black nails. The hair and hollow mask remains are nice and accurate, too.

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3 Lady Grimmjow

"Gender-bender" cosplays are fairly popular, and now we get a lady Grimmjow for this list. The character keeps his jacket parted, so the cosplayer smartly used a shirt to match their skin and preserve the illusion. Speaking of illusions, how did they make that hollow hole? It's very convincing! The rest of this costume looks impeccable, with the right fabric and colors for the jacket, and the zanpakuto (Pantera) is looking good. The cheek-based mask remains and excellent wig round out this cosplay.

2 Orihime Inoue

Orihime may often be considered one of Bleach's best girls, and this pure-hearted young woman never lets the horrors of battle shake her faith in her friend and herself. Now, this cosplayer used not only a fine wig and a good replica of Orihime's school uniform, but also struck an intriguing pose. What is Orihime thinking about? She's out in the open in a sunlit park, but her thoughts are elsewhere... possibly somewhere dark. It's a tantalizing cosplay that captures Orihime just right.

1 Yumichika and Yachiru

The list of Bleach cosplayers concludes with these two fine costumes featuring Yumichika Ayasegawa and Yachiru Kusajishi. Both of them hail from the thuggish Squad 11, but you wouldn't guess it based on the sight of them! They're the two goofiest and most flamboyant members of that Squad, and these cosplayers bring them to life. Yumichika's carefully cut hair and eyebrow feathers are a great replica of the character's own, and his sword and straw sandals are finely detailed. Meanwhile, Yachiru's arm band, charming pink hair, and goofy expression and thumbs-up bring this character to life 100%.

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