Bleach: 5 People Chad Can Beat And 5 He Can't

Yasutora Sado, or Chad, as he's better known to English-speaking Bleach fans, is a normal human being and graduate of Karakura High School. Chad is currently a world-famous boxer, who regularly competes in the WBO World Heavyweight fighting circuit.

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It is not known whether Chad uses his abilities as a fullbringer in his fights, but him training his form and technique would have surely aided his transition into a boxer. Sado is is a brave man with a keen sense of justice. This sometimes leads to him taking on challenges too dangerous for him. Here are 5 characters Chad can easily beat in a fight, and 5 who would wipe the floor with him.


Grimmjow is currently one of the strongest Arrancars presently residing in Hueco Mundo, having previously been the 6th Espada during Aizen's failed attempt at taking over the Soul Society. Grimmjow has displayed impressive speed and power throughout the series, oftentimes competing with Ichigo.

Grimmjow's strongest form increases both his speed and power, while also massively raising his spiritual pressure. This increase in power and speed would be enough to defeat Chad in his strongest form.


Grand Fisher is the Hollow responsible for the death of Ichigo Kurosaki's mother, Masaki. Under normal circumstances, Masaki would have been strong enough to deal with Fisher but, due to suddenly losing her Quincy abilities, she dies. Grand Fisher has long evaded the Soul Society and, for that, he must be given credit; if not for his strength, then for his evasive skills.

Gran Fisher would pose some trouble for Chad but his Fullbring ability along with his boxing technique could take out the Hollow.


Yumichika is the current 3rd seat in the 11th division, having previously held the rank of 5th seat. Yumichika is close friends with Ikkaku Madarame, with the two often dueling against each other in a bid to improve. As a member of Kenpachi's squad, Yumichika deeply desires to be strong and do proud in every battle.

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In its Shikai form, his Zanpakuto can ensnare his opponents and, while they're trapped, it absorbs all of their spiritual energy. Despite being spiritually aware, Chad is only a human, meaning he has a smaller amount of spiritual energy which would greatly hinder him against Yumichika.


The current 3rd seat of the 4th division of the Gotei 13, Yamada, is currently the leader of the 14th advanced relief team. As a skilled medical Soul Reaper, Yamada is well accustomed to operate under high pressure situations. Though not an expert combatant, Hanataro has completed rigorous training as a Soul Reaper, having a good understanding of the basics.

Hanataro's Shikai can store up damage received, convert it to spiritual energy before releasing it. This would keep Chad guessing, but a more expansive and dangerous arsenal of moves would bring Chad victory.


Yammy spends much of his time in the series as the 10th Espada but, in a shocking revelation, he becomes Espada 0 upon releasing his Zanpakuto. Yammy is a very simple character to understand. He loves to fight, plus he's always on the lookout for strong opposition. More than anything, Yammy loves a physical brawl where he can display all his physical might.

When Yammy releases his Zanpakuto, all his physical abilities grow immensely, along with him gaining the ability to increase his size at will. As shown in Karakura Town, Yammy is out of Chad's league, and he would be best advised to run as far as possible were they to have a rematch.


Moe is a Fulbringer who was once part of the organization, Xcution, where he worked alongside Chad on several missions. As an arrogant and prideful boy, he can often be seen bragging about his fighting skill. Despite his hardheadedness and delinquent behavior, Moe is a very loyal person who wouldn't hesitate to lay his life down for the goals of Xcution.

His Fullbring ability means that, even though he is weak, his opponent still needs to focus or they might become undone. Chad has a superior fighting Fullbring which means he would have the advantage going into this duel. His experience, as well as his superior physical profile, means it would be hard for Moe to claim victory.


Prior to being defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki, Ulqiorra Cifer was the 4th Espada, after being recruited into Aizen's army. It is believed that Ulquiorra's cause of death during his mortal life was loneliness. This loneliness followed him into the afterlife, where he spent much as his time as a Hollow, bitter and lonely. This resulted in him developing into a selfish and uncaring person.

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Ulquiorra is one of the strongest Espadas and, upon entering his released forms, he gains even more abilities. He was on par with a hollowfied Ichigo, which means that he could handle Chad without breaking a sweat.


Gantenbainne is one of the more levelheaded and humble Arrancar in the Bleach universe. Despite being an antagonist, he regularly displays positive character traits which is rare for Bleach antagonists. He's a fair fighter who strongly believes in maintaining the integrity of the battles he engages in.

He was previously an Espada in Aizen's army, before being demoted to the position of 107th Arrancar. His released form gives him a general physical boost, in addition to raising his spiritual power. The last time the two did battle, it ended in a draw but, due to Chad's growth since then, he would be able to earn victory by the slightest margin.


Much like Chad, Ikkaku is a simple and straightforward fighter. Ikkaku is a true warrior, who would rather die before he backs down from a fight. His strength has seen him rise through the ranks and he's now the Lieutenant of the 11th division of the Gotei 13. Ikkaku has long admired his captain, Kenpachi's strength, and trains in hopes of one day being able to attain that level for himself.

Ikkaku's Bankai grants him a major power boost and the longer a fight drags on, the stronger these effects become. This would be a major threat to Chad, as he doesn't have enough spiritual energy to fight off Ikkaku for long.


Giriko was a member of the group Xcution. Before his death, he was a Fullbringer with the ability "Time Tell No Lies." Giriko often acted as an aloof and dignified man, but this turned out to be a false persona he had been projecting. Giriko's true personality is a lot more boastful and abhorrent.

This Fullbringer's abilities were strongest when they were boosted by Ichigo's powers. This would not be the case in a one on one fight with Chad. Giriko might be the smarter fighter of the two but the power gap would be too much for him to close, meaning, Chad would be able to secure victory.

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