Bleach: Top 10 Quincy, Ranked

The Quincy are a group of spiritually aware beings capable of destroying hollows, using the special techniques that the Quincy Order has developed over time. This usually takes the form of bow and arrow fighting but, as seen in the Thousand Year Blood War arc, the Quincy can also fight using special powers given to them by Yhwach.

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The Quincy have long been at war with the Soul Reapers and most of them were killed off in a war that took place over two centuries ago. After that time, they slowly build their power and, once again, went to war with the Soul Reapers and they came pretty close to winning. With that in mind, here are the top 10 Quincies to ever appear in Bleach, ranked according to their powers and strength.


Bazz B was a member of the Sternritter and held the title “ The Heat." Bazz B has considerable talent and, when he went up against Captain Hitsugaya, he showcased the intensity of his flames, as well as how effective he could be while carrying out his mission.

Bazz B can manipulate the spiritual energy around him and turn it into the most intense of flames. He then channels these into his “Burner Fingers” and, the more fingers he uses, the hotter and more destructive his moves become.


Mask De Masculine is a wrestler themed Quincy, who holds the title of “The Superstar”. He can be easily identified by his wrestling mask or by his wrestling fighting style .  His ability “The Superstar” takes the form of a boy, known as James. James is a big fan of Mask and his sole reason for existing is to cheer him on.

Whenever James cheers Mask on, he becomes stronger, faster, heals from his wounds and becomes even more durable. This power allowed Mask De Masculine to defeat two captain level Shinigami during Bleach’s final arc.


Äs Nödt is a peculiar man, even amongst the Quincy’s strange group, the Sternritter. Äs Nödt lived much of his life as a sickly man who feared dying and going to hell, Yhwach gave him power he also gave him the fitting epithet of “The Fear." Äs fights with thorns that can easily smash the hardest of buildings to smithereens. But the most deadly tool in his arsenal is his ability to strike fear into the hearts of those he fights.

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Whenever his thorns come into contact with an object, they leave a black substance that induces fear. Simply being struck once by this ability is enough to induce heart exploding fear into an individual.


Pernida is the left arm or the 'Soul King'. The left arm of the Soul King is believed to govern progress and, in the series, this allows Pernida to rapidly grow in intellect and strength. Pernida is also a member of the Sternritter, holding the epithet of “The Compulsory."

Being apart of the Soul King’s body means Pernida is easily one of the strongest members amongst the Sternritter and, had the series gone on longer, he would eventually be one of the strongest characters overall (due to his governing progress). It’s ability, as "The Compulsory," affords it the caliber of taking over the bodies of others, using nerves from Pernida’s fingers. It often uses this ability  to contort its victims into grotesque shapes, which causes a lot of damage.


Uryū is one of the first Quincy shown in the series and, owing to his incredibly hard training and determination, he became one of the strongest we would see in the series. After proving himself to be strong, Yhwach invited Uryū into his secret guard and he was given the title of “Antithesis."

Uryū is one of the series' top marksman. He can destroy his enemies with lethal shots of spiritual energy. This deadly shooting skill, when combined with his “Antithesis”, makes him a dangerous combatant. His ability as the Antithesis allows him to select any two targets and reverse anything that's happened between them. Uryū can use this in a fight to reverse any damage he takes onto his opponents.


Jugram was the Grandmaster of the Sternritter, second in command to the Quincy King, Yhwach, as well as his advisor. From a young age, Jugram was selected by Yhwach to play an important role in the revival of the Quincy. He was given the title of “The Balance," which grants Jugram the power to collect the ‘misfortune’ happening in his surroundings and direct it at his opponents.

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This means he can direct any potential situation that might lead to harm towards his enemies. Furthermore, if his opponent it experiencing good fortune this multiplies the amount of misfortune that they shall receive.


Another member of Yhwach’s personal guards. Askin is a Quincy with insane powers and holds the title of “ The Deathdealing”. Askin was one of the major threats to the Soul Society with his abilities, leaving even the strongest fighters in a pinch. Askin’s ability grants him control over lethal dosages. This means he can control any substance and make it lethal for his opponents body. He often displays this ability through consuming a certain substance.

Anybody who suffers from Askin’s lethal dosages usually dies. His Monk of Destruction form grants a further boost to all of his abilities, making him a real force to be reckoned with.


Lille is the leader of Yhwach’s personal guards, which is a reflection of both the faith Yhwach holds in him as well as an indicator of his immense strength. He holds the title of the “X-Axis”, owing to his ability to shoot through everything. Whenever Lille makes a shot, it automatically pierces everything in the line of fire. If Lille opens both his eyes his body becomes intangible.

Lille’s Monk of Judgement transformation grants him further destructive power and grants him near perpetual intangibility. This combination of powers makes Lille a deadly foe to face.


Gerard Valkyrie is the heart of the Soul King, “The Miracle” and a member of Yhwach’s  personal guards. Owing to his ability as The Miracle, Gerard can force miracles to take place. These miracles come in different shapes and sizes, but each one raises Gerard’s fighting ability considerably.

Whenever he receives damage, his abilities allow him to convert that damage into power which results in him getting stronger and increase in size. If Gerard loses a limb, it will instantaneously sprout back, making him nigh invincible. Each time he heals a part of his body, that body part becomes stronger than before. His Monk of Destruction form grants a boost to all of these abilities mentioned. Using this, he was able to take on several Bankai wielding captains of the Gotei 13.


Yhwach is the son of the Soul King and one of the most powerful souls to ever come into existence. As the leader of the Quincy, Yhwach has fought wars against the Soul Society on many occasions. His latest attempt at putting an end to the Soul Society was during The Thousand Year Blood War arc, where he failed at the final hurdle.

The Quincy leader has many great abilities such as healing, the power to grant abilities to others, future sight, future alteration, soul  distribution and soul absorption. After absorbing the Soul King, Yhwach gains even more abilities making him the strongest being in Bleach.

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