Blake Griffin Has His Own Space Jam Session with Marvin the Martian

While speculation around a potential "Space Jam" revival continues to swirl, one NBA superstar is already halfway there, at least in terms of playing basketball with Looney Tunes characters.

A new Nike commercial for the "Jordan Super.Fly 4." titled "The Dunk to End All Dunks" sees Marvin the Martian and LA Clippers star Blake Griffin take part in a dunk contest with galactic implications. "Space Jam" co-star Bugs Bunny shows up midway through, too.

Though the "Space Jam" sequel/remake rumors have all involved LeBron James, Blake Griffin has made his love for the original film quite clear -- he starred in the Michael Jordan role in a live read of the "Space Jam" script last year at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, and has revealed that he had a "Space Jam"-themed birthday party as a kid.

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