Blade: Undead by Daylight

Story by
Art by
Gene Colan
Cover by
Marvel Comics

• Relive the adventures of Marvel's half-vampire monster slayer - the man called Blade!

• In his deadly debut, Blade becomes immortal enemies with the biggest bloodsucker of all - Dracula himself!

• The stakes get higher when Blade's girlfriend is targeted by vampires! For Blade and Safron, love definitely hurts!

• Then, Blade heads to New Orleans to take on the city's new crime boss - one that just happens to be the vampire that killed his mother!

• Deacon Frost isn't the only thing giving Blade the blues - there's some bad Voodoo going down. Good thing Blade knows a Brother who can help with that!

• Get ready for Blade's sensational new series with four key stories that give you the lowdown on the Daywalker!

• Collecting TOMB OF DRACULA (1972) #10, #24 and #58; and BLADE: CRESCENT CITY BLUES.

Life is Strange #10

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