Blade: Trinity, Superman, Sin City, Elektra: November 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Interested in a look at the animated short included with the Blade: Trinity Soundtrack Deluxe Edition, created by the makers of "Blokhedz?" Comics Continuum has it for you in a series of screen captures.

Also, Comics Continuum has quotes from actor Wesley Snipes about how hard it was to make the blood-soaked sequel. "It's a little demanding because we are trying to top ourselves, trying to give the audience more than we gave them previously, trying to be more creative and less repetitive," Snipes said. "It requires a little more attention and focus because we have to dig a little deeper. The audience wants that detail -- the comic books have it, especially the successful ones. We can mimic that if we take the time to pay attention to the details. We don't want to leave them short on anything."


Ain't It Cool News has new rumors about Bryan Singer's upcoming DC adaptation. "'Nate' has written in about 'SUPERMAN' filming to let us know that the Kent Farm exteriors and interiors are being built at Fox Studios in Sydney. The exteriors will then be shipped down to Tamworth, and will be among the first scenes filmed. Work has also begun on sets for the Daily Planet offices and other mysterious sets."

Meanwhile, numerous sources (including Comics Continuum and Sci Fi Wire) transcribed details about Singer's interview on LA radio station KROQ that we first reported on Friday. "I've wanted to make a Superman film for a number of years," SInger said And by putting this within the history of the other films and not really treading on what Smallville's doing, it's been a lot of years since people have gotten to see this guy fly and do what he does. And, ultimately, it's a great myth and a great story. That's why it's been around for 70 years. I think people will be excited about seeing it and I am incredible excited about making it." When asked "Why not Tom Welling?" Singer said, "There was some thought, and he's really terrific. But my thought is that if I'm going to make a Superman movie, it's a big movie, it's a big-budget film and it is its own kind of story that's separate from Smallville. So I didn't want to make a Smallville feature; I wanted to make a Superman movie. And I felt that even though he's terrific, I think that he's existing and carrying the torch up to a certain period in the character's life. This guy is past that period, so I felt of it as a separate entity. If you met [Brandon Routh], it would be you first inclination to say, 'Oh my goodness, if they ever make a Superman movie, he could physically do it.' And he really is quite talented. It's not an origin story. It actually puts the earlier films into -- the best way I can describe it -- a vague history. You will see a moment of flashback; you will see a bit of him as a young man. But this really takes off several years after he's arrived and he's done many heroic deeds and he's a known figure. It's kind of like the first Batman film, I guess is the best analogy. Because he already existed as Batman in Gotham City. Here, Superman has existed in Metropolis and had a relationship of a kind with Lois Lane and is now gone. And this is a story of a return."


According to Sci Fi Wire, actress Rosario Dawson called her experience on the Frank Miller adaptation a very different experience from filming the big screen epic "Alexander." "On ['Alexander'] we were actually in Morocco looking out at these mountains, and there are elephants and camels and all of these other things," Dawson said. "When you go to 'Sin City,' it's, like, [condensed]. You're all in this tiny little room, and all of this amazing stuff is going to come out of it. Everything was shot in there. If you were doing a shot that's over the shoulder, we had to turn around, not the cameras, in order to get the other shot. It was a totally different way of shooting and working." She did feel that there were similarities between directors Robert Rodriguez and Oliver Stone. "With both there is the implicit trust that you have in your director that it's going to work out in the end, whether it's skittish animals or one prop and an outfit and going, 'Where the hell is everything else?'" Dawson said. "It was really amazing, and they both have created something for themselves. Oliver has so much control making what he wants to, and it's the same thing with Robert. He's almost created his own studio in Austin, which is unheard of, and here he is making this big movie and doing it all in his little room."


Natural Flux has six new poster drafts for the upcoming Jennifer Garner-fueled action film, which are "under consideration" from FOX for using as the final theatrical poster, all of which have new photos of Garner in character.

Meanwhile, the official site has been updated and Apple has posted a better QuickTime version of the trailer.


Devoted to Smallville has a battalion of wide screen captures from last week's episode "Spell."

Also, Kryptonsite has the official network description of the episode "Scare," as well as a great Kristin Kreuk/Jane Seymour related spoiler about this week's episode "Bound."

Finally, actor John Schneider was interviewed by Underground Online who talks about current filming and likens his current character to a slightly unexpected Duke boy.


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