Blade: Trinity, Superman, Green Hornet, Constantine: Comic Reel Wrap for August 16


Maxim: Online has new video clip of Jessica Biel beating the hell out of people. Writer/director David Goyer also discusses the film in an interview with the magazine.


According to Kryptonsite, wheelchair bound actor Christopher Reeve is already filming new episodes for next season. A scooper wrote in, "A very very reliable source of mine saw Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling having lunch in Vancouver at a French restaurant. It was my friend's Aunt who lives in Vancouver and she is 100% sure it was them because she was in the restaurant, and also its not hard to spot Chris Reeve. I speculate that he was in Vancouver for shooting scenes in Crusade."


Speaking of the Last Son of Krypton, Moviehole has a note claiming "that Australian actor Conrad Coleby is one of a few local actors that are doing a test for 'Superman' ... 'He might not necessarily have the jet-black hair, he's actually blonde, and nor has he got a Vin Diesel-like frame, but Warner seem to more interested in finding the right Clark Kent, than Superman. I guess they'll see how the cape looks later,' says our source. Apparently a few of the actors auditioning aren't trying on the cape, nor are they being measured from head to toe to see that they've got the qualities that embody a Superman. They're testing as Clark. According to our insider, as far as she knows all of the previously mentioned 'big names' being mentioned for the part, including Brendan Fraser, Jim Caviezel and Jake Gyllenhaal, are no longer being considered. They want a 'fresh face.'" Meanwhile, Superman-V.com claims that actor Brandon Routh, who tested for McG in June, has been called back to meet with Bryan Singer.


Don't get used to the idea of Jet Li as Kato: the action star told IESB.net, "That's a long time ago ... five or six years ago, I heard about it. Before, it was a Universal movie but right now it changed to the other [studio, Miramax/Dimension] and I heard everybody talk about it, but I'm not attached right now. It really depends on the script. Each director will change the story. Seven years ago, maybe it was still The Green Hornet but what kind of story? Right now, the market has changed, the audience changed, maybe they changed the script."


According to Music From The Movies, "Brian Tyler has been hired to score Constantine, the action adventure based on the DC/Vertigo comic book 'Hellblazer.' Directed by Francis Lawrence, the film is slated for premiere on 11 February 2005."


What would a day be like without more news about the Christopher Nolan-helmed film from Chicago? No, we don't mean CBR's coverage of the news from Wizard World Chicago, we mean from the actual set! Superhero Hype has a photo from the set cribbed from Us Magazine. The Windy City's own ABC7 has more video footage of rooftop filming from this week.


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