Blade: Trinity, Smallville, Spider-Man 3: The Comic Reel Wrap for October 12


Los Angeles-area fans will be able to check out director David Goyer and actress Jessica Biel at the LA Comic Book Sci-Fi Con on Sunday, December 12th. Given the event's daylight hours, no vampires are expected to be in attendance.


Our dear friends at Kryptonsite have the text of an interview actress Erica Durance gave to Starlog magazine, where she discusses (sans spoilers) the role of Lois Lane. The site also notes that an actor named Kevan Kase will be a guest star in the seventh episode of this fourth season, "Jinx," and will play "Danny Crozer," believed to be a football teammate of Clark's.


Director Sam Raimi talked to Superhero Hype about plans for the next web-spinning sequel. " I know how quickly things turn in Hollywood and after the third, that will be it ... I'm not supposed to tell and in fact, I can't tell you cause I'm still figuring it out. I don't exactly know." Raimi is plotting the film with his brother, and looking for the "best in the business" to come in and handle the script, naming Alvin Sargeant and Michael Chabon as possibilities.


The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that former "X-Files" femme fatale Laurie Holden has joined the cast of the Tim Story-helmed film, and has already began work on the Vancouver set.


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