Blade: Trinity, Groo the Wanderer, Smallville: September 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Writer/director David Goyer spoke to USA Today about his upcoming black-clad projects. "You can't really compare the two; they're so different. 'Batman' is dark, more subtle, more of an introduction to the character. 'Blade' is much more of a comic-book movie, much more over the top. But I feel a lot more pressure on Blade. If 'Batman' does well, I'll get some of the credit. If 'Blade' does well, though, I'll get all the credit. And if it flops, I'll get all the blame." Meanwhile, Comingsoon.net notes that the release date has been moved forward by two days to Wednesday, December 8, 2004.


According to Dark Horizons, "IPW Productions has acquired the feature rights to Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier's comic book series."


Kryptonsite has three new promotional photos from the fourth season, including a new Lois & Clark shot. Meanwhile, Underground Online interviewed Tom Schneider, who was very protective of his job when the subject of Tom Welling as Superman came up. "I don't think he would have time. That would be a mistake for Tom because it's too close to what he's doing. He's already incredibly known as Clark Kent, but he's not known as Superman. I think it would be a disservice to him because it would further embed him into an existing icon, and it would end 'Smallville.'"


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