Blade, The Batman, Mirrormask, Justice League: September 28th Comic Reel Wrap


An anonymous tipster emailed us a note saying, "word is that they're casting the new 'Blade' TV series to be shot in Vancouver. Sounds like David Goyer himself is involved."


As spoilers go, you could practically look at this link at World's Finest and know the whole story to the new "The Batman vs. Dracula" direct to DVD animated feature.


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from creator Neil Gaiman, who talked about his collaborative relationship with artist/director Dave McKean. ""He had an idea of what he could do, which I didn't," Gaiman said. "He had the idea that, for $4 million, he could actually make this thing. And he knew kind of how he could do it. And I had to trust him a lot on that. So if he'd say,'Oh, you can't do this,' I wouldn't do it. He really had an idea going in what his technical limitations were. That gave him sort of a senior role. We had great arguments, which was actually very odd at the time, because we'd never had them. We've worked together for 17 years, and we'd never argued before. Normally we have this lovely, strict demarcation of roles. I needed something. I'd give it to Dave. Dave would give me what I needed. It was nice and simple. But we couldn't do that this time. If we had $100 million, we probably would have done it like that again, a strict demarcation of roles. I would have gone off and written something and given it to Dave, and he would have made it. But we didn't. We had 4 million. And we were trying to make a fantasy movie that would actually look beautiful and contain all this wonderful stuff."


According to Comics Continuum, "Mark Hamill, who played The Trickster in CBS' live-action The Flash series, is revisiting the character after 14 years. Hamill is the voice of The Trickster in the upcoming 'Flash and Substance' episode ... Hamill played The Trickster in two episodes of the short-lived 'The Flash:' 'The Trickster,' which premiered on Feb. 7, 1991; and 'The Trial of The Trickster,' the series finale which aired on May 18, 1991. Both episodes were written by John Francis Moore and Howard Chaykin."


First Peter Parker gets antagonists, now he's getting a sword? According to an article at Millimeter.com, Sony is developing a proprietary rendering software package for use on the new film. "It's a program called 'Katana' -- named after a Japanese sword that's supposed to be light and quick," said digital effects supervisor Rob Bredow. "So you can tell what our intentions are! We picked one CG feature and one live-action film, both of which were big and could handle a long development cycle to get Katana up and running. The goal [was to show] that it would be useful for both live-action effects and CG features."


There's a new video interview with director Joss Whedon over at IGN's FilmForce, where he talks about both cult favorite "Serenity" and a bit about Themiscira's Finest.


Director David Cronenberg has another interview up, this time at JoBlo.com. he offered tidbits about Viggo Mortensen's character process. "Viggo is one of the few…actually he's the only actor I've ever met who does set decoration," Cronenberg said. "When he went to Indiana and Philadelphia to do research, he would buy stuff that he would think that this character would have around him. And he brought back tons of stuff, which he would then put on the set. Things like in the diner, there's a little ceramic fish head, it says 'fishing money,' and it's got a little slot for tips that you put in there. And then he bought the wall charts that have fish on them. You could them in the diner. We thought that Tom (Viggo's character) would be a fishing guy, even though we don't see him doing it in the movie. So that led him then to start buying fish shirts for everybody. But he's so sweet and sensitive about it that no one ever felt that there toes were buying stepped on. And he's also totally fine if you say, 'No, I don't think this should be on the set. I don't this character would have that.' He would be fine with that too."


Our pals over at Kryptonsite, they've got four new video clips from the season premiere, and fresh spoilers about the season's seventh episode, "Splinter."


There's a fresh set report over at Hollywood North Report, which includes photos of the massive Golden Gate Bridge recreation, with possible plot spoilers.


According to Batman-On-Film, we may be able to stop using the placeholder title. "Batman Attacks" or "Batman Strikes" are both being weighed as the moniker for the next movie. An insider also told the site that the "film is further along than people think. Hell, you've got actors (and their agents) scrambling to get a role in the sequel -- it's going to be huge! Just look at all the talk about casting The Joker already. There are a lot of actors that covet that role. From what I've heard, Nolan [director Christopher] and Goyer [screenwriter David] knew what they wanted to do in the sequel before 'BATMAN BEGINS' was filmed. I know that Nolan hasn't signed on, yet, but that is just a matter of time. This is why you are hearing about cast candidates and possible screentests. Things are lined up so that when that [Nolan returning] does happen, they'll be ready to roll. There is no doubt that they have their ducks in a row."


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