Blade, Stardust, Sailor Moon, X-Men 3: April 17th Comic Reel Wrap


The new Spike TV live action series has made a new foray on to the web, launching a website for one of the "vampire houses" that will be featured on the show.


Creator Neil Gaiman made a post on his blog saying, "The wall of people-who-have-been-cast in 'Stardust' at Pinewood now includes on it Mr Peter O'Toole, Miss Billie Whitelaw and Mr Ricky Gervais. It starts shooting on location in Skye next week. I don't know if having the multitudinous readers of a blog concentrate on making sure the weather in Skye is as unseasonably clear, warm and sunny as possible starting next Wednesday will do any good, but it couldn't hurt. (I won't be there, alas, although Skye is possibly my favourite place in the world, whatever the weather.)"


According to Moviehotties.com, the scourge of the streets is looking at sliding into a schoolgirl skirt and kicking some butt. We now pause for requisite cleanup of any drool that may have occurred during the reading of this alleged news item.


IGN's FilmForce has an article about how filmmakers focused on the Danger Room for this mutant minded movie. "It was pretty important," said production designer Ed Verreaux. "This time, when we went in to the studio, we said 'We really want to have this! This is an X-Men thing!' We changed it a little bit because we wanted to open it up, otherwise you don't see as much of the room as you would have seen. The first set, it was really just sort of 'a space.' Not much room. But now [the actors] are doing a bunch of stuff and they're actually all in the space." (emphasis theirs)

Meanwhile, Zak Penn described the process of writing the film to Comics Foundry. "Simon and I were hired separately to write two separate ideas. The studio and the production had all these things that needed to have done, partly because of availability, partly because of whatever. It was a whole long list of things that had to be done in this movie. Some of them were story points, by the way, I will admit that. Me and Simon (Kinberg) got together and said, 'Given this, what's our vision?' And we both agreed. 'That's what you want to do? That's what I want to do too.' And when Matthew Vaughn came in, we basically all got together and talked about what we wanted and he said, 'That sounds great; that's what I want to do. If you can show me 30 pages of that by tomorrow, I won't quit the movie. But otherwise I don't think we have time to make the movie.' So Simon and I looked at each other, and we're both screenwriters in our own right -- we're not writing partners -- so we said let's try it. We sat down and instead of writing 30 pages, we wrote 80 pages, and we did it in six days."

Finally, IGN has been helpful enough to collect all of the trailers for the film in one convenient place. What a swell bunch!


CHUD is reporting that comics writer Brian K. Vaughan is working on the screenplay for the adaptation of his Vertigo work. "Yeah, I'm really in the loop. In fact I would upgrade it from development hell to development limbo, maybe," he said. "I am actually writing the screenplay right now for 'Y: The Last Man;' they're letting me take a shot at it. It's been really good. The input I've gotten so far has been really positive."


Comics Continuum notes that April Winchell is providing the voice of President Winema Wazzo in the upcoming animated series. In the series, President Wazzo is the mother of Phantom Girl and doesn't approve of the Legion.


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