Blade, Smallville, Star Blazers, X-Men 3: April 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Sci Fi Wire talked to actor Kirk Jones about playing the Daywalker. "I'm definitely going to be borrowing from the films, but one thing that they really didn't do from the films is we're going to be borrowing from the comic books as well," Jones said. "So it's like a combination of both. Plus you know, my little psycho brain, whatever I add onto it."


Tons of new stuff about the show, including high resolution screen captures from the trailer for the next episode "Fade" with our dear friends at Kryptonsite. They also have highlights from the Annette O'Toole interview in the latest issue of Smallville Magazine, where she talks about the difference in pre- and post-Jonathan scripts. "I really like not having much dialogue, because then I'm free to think what I think and for the audience to hopefully pick up what I'm thinking. But I do feel [as Martha] I've been somewhat muzzled because of my love and devotion to Jonathan. I think a lot of times, she disagreed with him mightily [but] she really knew how to keep the peace. She didn't compromise her standards at all, she went along with something she believed in, but it's not the way she'd have gone about it, let's say that."

Actor Paul Wesley, better known as Lex Luthor's long lost brother Lucas, also got some attention in the magazine, saying, "Even though Lucas did things that were probably not the nicest things in the world, he had his own justification in his mind. It is up to the audience to decide whether or not they want to sympathize and have compassion for Lucas or if they think he's completely arrogant. I can't be biased toward my own character. As Paul the actor, Lucas is a good guy but I'd say that about any character I played that did something bad. There's always denial."

Finally, there's some fairly spoilerish looks at the season finale in a new promotional poster and network description.


According to Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), the Americanized version of "Space Cruiser Yamato" could be flying into your local moviehouse. Benderspink and producer Josh C. Kline are adapting the series.


There's no telling what Wolverine and Beast are thinking in a new photo at this Korean site, but it's a great look at both characters. Speaking of photos, if you dig a bit you can find some new ones in the image gallery at The XVerse, including Beast fighting and getting a makeup touch up.

Meanwhile, Bob Gough at Comic Book Movie read the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and shared what he found, including another angle on a photo of Mystique and producer Ralph Winter promising that the Danger Room wouldn't be permanently mothballed. "There are a lot more stories," Winter said. "There's a wealth of characters. We tried to fit Angel into three movies. This is the first time we ever got Angel in."


Speaking of Entertainment Weekly, Comic Book Movie also caught a minor spoiler about Ma Kent from that same issue.


One last look in Entertainment Weekly? All right -- the same site has actress Bryce Dallas Howard discussing the ... assets she needed enhancing for the film. "They gave me some heavy-duty push-up bras, so I have a nice rack as well," Howard said. "I think with this movie, a lot of things have been last-minute because they worked so, so much on the story."

Superhero Hype has a set report from Cleveland, where News Channel 5 says that a whole lot of business is being generated by the web-spinning sequel, and WKYC covers the rehearsals done on the city's streets.


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