Blade, Preacher, Transformers, Aquaman: May 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


IGN's FilmForce has four exclusive featurettes showing writer David Goyer talking about the series and clips from the show itself. Meanwhile, Comics Continuum has a brief breakdown of all the characters involved. Finally, the new commercial from Spike TV is now available online at Kung Fu Rodeo.


Moviehole has an interesting rumor about the Garth Ennis masterwork being adapted for the small screen for HBO instead of the silver screen with James Marsden.


The IESB has an alleged review of the script in its latest revision that gives some potentially controversial changes to the characters. In other news, Superhero Hype has another rumor about the production, claiming that a military C-130 plane in a complicated combat-related scene.


The team at Kryptonsite got a copy of the script and have posted a review complete with screen captures. They also have a better look at the cast. Could there be hope for the series? IGN overheard CW President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff say "Aquaman is still a midseason contender," so all hope is not dead for AC and his finny friends.


According to Cinescape, "Paul Giamatti will lend his voice to the cast of 'Rob Zombie Presents the Haunted World of El Superbeasto.' Giamatti will voice Dr. Satan, the film's main villain ... Tom Papa will voice El Superbeasto. Sheri Moon Zombi and Brian Posehn will also voice characters."


SFX Magazine has an interview with director Bryan Singer, talking about the personal resonance of bringing back Kal-El to cineplexes. " IÕve just always been a huge fan of the character, from the George Reeves television series to the Richard Donner film. IÕm adopted, heÕs adopted. IÕm an only child, heÕs an only child. In my practical life, IÕm fairly awkward and Christopher Reeve crafted a very awkward Clark in his portrayal of that masquerade. Also, weÕve had a lot of cynical and angst-ridden superheroes that have emerged in the last five or ten years, and I think itÕs time for one that is imbued with a greater sense of virtue and goodness. I think it kind of affords audiences today -- in a very cynical world Ð a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet for Superman in the movie, things arenÕt as clear-cut as they might have been when he first arrived on earth."

A third television spot is available in gritty quality at YouTube (you'd be amazed the looney complaints we get about YouTube's image quality -- like we encoded the stuff, come on!), an improved quality version of the second commercial at Comingsoon.net as well as the new international trailer. Finally this French website has a closer look at the Lois and Supes poster shown at Cannes.


No, Virginia, it's not over yet. Here we go: how about starting off with interviews with castmates Famke Janssen and Patrick Stewart plus a new photo of a confrontation between the two.

Also newsworthy is words from actress Anna Paquin at Sci Fi Wire about the challenge her character Rogue faces. "I mean, babies that are left alone in orphanages to cry in their cribs have huge problems," she said. "You need physical contact. It is like the most basic thing. Literally, a child would die when they are very small without it. To be isolated like that is an incredibly painful thing." Finally, Superhero Hype has five new photos from the film and IESB has updated their set of video clips, bringing their total to eighteen.


It's all smiles for cast members at the "upfronts" for the network, and Kryptonsite has an image gallery of the largely more hirsute actors hanging out with network execs. Why all the smiles? Perhaps due to this article (registration required) in the New York Times, claiming that due to strong ratings that industry pundits could see two more seasons of the show easily.


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