Blade III, Punisher, Fantastic 4, Static Shock, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman: C2F wrap for July 3, 2003


"Blade III" is officially in preproduction. The film'swriter/producer/director David Goyer told C2F/CBR News that they are on trackfor a September start.

Wesley Snipes will, of course, return to play Marvel's ass-kickinghero."We just hired a casting director, so no otherroles are set yet," Goyer told us.


We've been getting a lot of inquiries from Florida residents about how toland bit, extra or other parts in "The Punisher."

Following up on the production information provided at the VisitTampa Bay website, one such hopeful discovered the following. Headshots andresumes for actors interested in appearing in the movie can be sent to:

Mark Mullin Casting

Attn: Kimberly Mullin

1000 Universal Studios Plaza

Bldg. #22A Suite #231

Orlando, Florida 32819.

"The Punisher" begins filming this summer in the Tampa Bay area.


A round up of 2004 releases published last week by Varietyreveals some interesting things are in store for C2F readers.

Twentieth Century Fox is marking August 6, 2004 as the target date for "Alienvs. Predator" (which Paul Anderson directing).

The studio also has "The Fantastic Four" penciled in for December17th of that year.

Meanwhile Warner Bros. is aiming to have "Catwoman" in theatersJuly 30th. Halle Berry is set to star as a character based on Batman'snemesis/ally.

They're also looking to put Keanu Reeves on the big screen as DC/Vertigo's"Constantine" in September of 2004.

Thanks to Mark for the lead.


'Static Shock!' continues to be a quiet success story on Kids WB. Theanimated show, based on the Milestone/DC Comics character has been renewed for afourth season according to today's Variety.

The network likes the show on many levels. It's a ratings winner,consistently holding the number 2 spot in key demographics and a criticalsuccess, earning Emmy and Humanitas nominations for social responsibility.

"The show has tackled a variety of interesting issues," SanderSchwartz, president of Warner Bros. Animation told Variety. "It takes on somuch, and in a way that isn't preachy."

The net has ordered up 13 new installments that'll air starting next January.


ComicsContinuum provides a round up of voice talent that will be appearing on thenew "Spider-Man" animated show on MTV.

Spider-Man's daddy Stan Lee even has a role as Frank Elson.

Former "Buffy" player James Marsters is on board to play Sergei.

Eve will voice Cheyenne/The Talon.

Harold Parino appears as Turbo Jet.

Tara Strong voices Christina.

David DeLuise does double duty as Jack and Mack.

Kathy Griffin and Jeremy Piven are the Roxanne and Roland Gaines.

Other guest voices include Ed Asner, SuChin Pak and Keith David.

For more 'Spider-Man' news including an episode guide check out ComicsContinuum.


Comics2Film/CBR News has received several e-mails telling us about an"official" Wonder Woman website which is soliciting casting and storysuggestions from the fans.

We checked out the site (whose address we are currently not publicizing) and,at first glance, it did not appear to be the kind of website a studio would putup to promote its movie.

A quick check of the Internet registry revealed that the site is not owned oroperated by Warner Bros. at all. The registered owner of the domain name for thesite is a web-hosting outfit in Canada called Rapids Internet Services.

C2F rang up Rapids who told us they were not running the site, but merelyhosting it. While they wouldn't reveal the name of their client, they didconfirm that this is a fan-run site, and not an "official" site thatmany (including USA Today) believe it to be.

Thanks to Robert and Thai for the lead.


The"Daredevil" DVD is due in stores July 29th, but Comics2Film and 20thCentury Fox are giving you the chance to claim your own copy for free!

Fox is providing us with five copies of the 2-disc set to passon to you, the faithful reader.

Just signup for our giveawayat Comics2Film.com between now and July 27th for your chance to win.


Comics2Filmhas teamed up with Devil'sDue Publishing to give fan artists a chance to see their artwork inprint.

We're looking for a few good pencil and inkgurus to work up a faux cover for the "G.I. Joe" comic. The top threeentries will be published in the pages of upcoming Devil's Due comics.

We'vejust launched the contest, so there's still plenty of time to enter. Click overto the Comics2Film.comwebsite for complete details and official rules. Then draw that cover!

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