Blade, Heroes, 30 Days of Night, Smallville: July 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Comics Continuum has an update on this week's episode, "Delivery," complete with fourteen images from the show. The network describes the episode as follows: "Krista runs into Uncle Pat at a gala with Marcus and learns her mother has leukemia. Blade takes a captive Vanessa to Paris, fending off vampires eager to get her back. Hot on Boone's trail, Special Agent Collins visits a wounded Patricia. Charlotte demands Marcus meet with Damek from the Armayan House, who wants in on Aurora. With Chase injured, Marcus sends Krista and Jakob to get Vanessa back from Blade. Dr. Lambert's examination of Vanessa shows she isn't actually carrying a baby but ominous unknown fluid."


Some of the cast members were quoted at Sci Fi Wire, talking about getting into the superhuman race. Actor Adrian Pasdar said, "Character development is paramount to the people involved in the making of the show, and flying? Who doesn't want to fly?" HIs co-star Ali Larter's character has the power to be in two places at the same time. "I'm not sure I'd always want that, but what I think is so interesting, too, and why I was attracted to playing this, is because we're trying to understand what's happening to us," she said. "We're trying to get our kids to school, and we're trying to deal with all these things that are happening in our life."

Meanwhile, there's a press release at Superhero Hype stating that the pilot will be available for download via iTunes on September 1st.


There's a note at the website of British actress Melissa George (you remember, the late Mrs. Michael Vaughn on "Alias") has joined Josh Hartnett in the Steve Niles adaptation.


IGN cornered the new emerald archer, actor Justin Hartley, for an interview where the erstwhile Aquaman discussed both experiences. "I went down there and shot the pilot in Miami," Hartley said. "Miles and Al were there every day, and I think in working with them, when this role came about, that's definitely why they thought of me. Because they offered me the role; they didn't have me audition for it. So it was really kind of them and fortunate for me. Work begets work, you know? Whether it [the series] goes or not, it begets work. "


F4 Movies is reporting that John Ottman will return to compose the music for the Tim Story-helmed sequel. "It's always been a fantasy of mine to follow up something I've previously scored with a sequel, so I'm excited about it," Ottman said. "I can't say that the themes were intentionally designed to be expanded upon later, but it's something I hope to do. I like now that the characters are established I can have fun with them."

Meanwhile, is or is not Doug Jones gonna be the Silver Surfer? This bit from Now Playing magazine adds fuel to the fire. "I'm not breaking any news to tell you that there's a film coming called 'The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer.' That is public knowledge," he laughs. "It begins filming in Vancouver in August. So I would hope sometime around then that any other passing news regarding that film would be announced."


Speaking of sequels, there's a ton of fresh rumors over at Batman-On-Film, including discussions of the Clown Prince of Crime, a "Crash" veteran moving from policing to playing a DA, and a certain aquatic waterfowl heading to Gotham City, being played by another Oscar-winner known for immersing himself in his roles.


Producer Grant Curtis has updated his blog talking about the reasons for and locations of recent filming.


Our pal Michael Grabois wrote in to point out this page at the Superman Homepage which has what appears to be a complete listing of the first season's episodes, with titles and summaries. Fancy!


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