Blade, He-Man, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Superman Returns: July 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Kirk Jones talked to EURWeb about his approach to the character. "I feel that Blade has to be communicative. He has to be able to communicate with other characters," Jones said. "He's kind of closed, but he's half human as well, so he's kind of open. And from 'Blade 1,' '2' and '3,' what Wesley did is he kind of graduated it, and I guess we're picking up where that left off."

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum has an update on the second episode, with images and a network description which reads, "When Marcus keeps Krista from leaving the House of Chthon, she is forced to make her way out without the help of Blade of Shen. With Krista unavailable to him, Blade seeks proof of Marcus' vaccine through Revered Carlyle, a link to the Asher Community. Marcus explains the rules of all the houses to Krista."


According to CanMag, John Woo's take on the Masters of the Universe may never happen. Their scooper wrote, "Just got back from karate practice. A guy at my xxxx, xxxx, is a casting agent. He was doing some casting for John Woo's U.S arm last year -- something called 'Spy Hunter' and a film based on the 'He-Man' comics. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that -- well, he says -- those films are not getting up 'anytime soon,' because 1) the studio got cold feet on both 2) Woo has gone onto other projects."


The official site for the superhero comedy has launched with some ... advice on how to properly end a relationship.


We've got extensive coverage on the aftermath of the film's release here at CBR, including a feature on missing sequences and two pieces on the box office fortunes.


Cinescape has a scooper's report on the sequel's development. "Universal isn't really doing it. It's going to be done through Marvel (independently, or close too) and it's called 'Incredible Hulk.' Bana is definitely not doing it -- his contract was with Universal, and so on -- so they're going to get a new Hulk. They're not going to be auditioning, but merely 'going out' to names. Should've guessed. Apparently the following guys could be either in consideration or in talks for the role: Dominic Purcell, Brendan Fraser, Adam Garcia. Typical bunch of names, if you ask me."


Hollywood North Report extrapolates from other coverage to claim that the plot for the sequel will be lifted directly from the classic Stan and Jack story "The Coming of Galactus" from "Fantastic Four" issues #48-50.


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