Blade, Batman, Spider-Man, Catwoman: June 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


According to Countingdown.com, there'll be a new trailer for the blood-soaked sequel in theatres next week. The following is New Line's synopsis of the film: "Wesley Snipes returns as the day-walking vampire hunter in the explosive third and final film in the 'Blade' franchise. For years, Blade has fought against the vampires in the cover of night, with the world above unaware of the brutal ongoing war. But now, after falling into the crosshairs of the FBI, he is forced out into the daylight, where he is driven to join forces with a clan of human vampire hunters he never knew existed -- The Nightstalkers. Together with Abigail (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal (Ryan Reynolds), two deftly trained Nightstalkers, Blade follows a trail of blood to the an ancient creature that is also hunting him ... the original vampire, Dracula."


Batman-On-Film has a fan report on a Japanese magazine interview with the Demon's Head, Ken Watanabe. "My next role will be in 'Batman Begins,'" Watanabe told J-Select magazine. "I chose the part because I liked the script -- I picked it out immediately. I don't really have a strategy, but I do pay attention to the way the script envisages the world and how that view is conveyed through the roles, as well as what the director wants to express. In 'Batman Begins' I play a villain who has to guide a person who is wavering between good and evil. Exploring the dark side of human nature is something that interests me."


The closer the web-spinning sequel comes, the harder it must be for the actors to say anything new without spoiling the plot. Both James Franco and Alfred Molina appear in recent interviews, repeating information that's been reported all over the web already.

However, it's not every day you see an interview with Paul Soles, the voice of the 1967 animated Spider-Man, where we got the catchy "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can ..." theme song. Soles discusses his favorite episodes, which he said, "stand out because the antics in the studio by one or another mischievous actor, broke us up continually. There were frequent giggle breaks required."


Ready for even more scantily clad screen captures from the forthcoming feline flick? OutNow is happy to provide them to you.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that "Dawn of the Dead" director Zach Snyder has signed on to helm the Spartan Frank Miller adaptation.


Dark Horizons has a set report from the Vancouver location of the Jennifer Garner-fueled spinoff. "Director Rob Bowman won't have her leaping from rooftops and isn't relying heavily on special effects, opting instead for crazy camera angles and a more character-driven story, with movies like 'The Cooler' and '21 Grams' as his reference points. 'We have our share of blowing things up, I've learned a few new weapons and I'm definitely, definitely fighting. It's not like I'm in a period piece, in a corset, or talking Shakespeare,' Garner promised. 'But it is very much driven by Elektra's darkness and what happens when she comes back to life, and what that second life means: whether it's redemption or whether it's a dark place from which you can't be redeemed. It's very dark and honest.' To that end Bowman is employing similar lighting techniques (and the same cinematographer) he used on 'X-Files' to lend the movie a look in line with its story. His goal, at least partially, is to reinvent the way comic-book movies are done. 'Because Elektra is a tortured soul, and in the middle of an emotional crisis, I thought this would be the right way to go,' he said."


Thanks to IESB.net, there's a new video interview (Windows Media only) of Al Gough and Miles Millar at a junket for "Spider-Man 2," where they confirm some rumors that have already floating around. The site said, "We will definitely see Lois Lane in the next season and we can also expect to see Lana and her new boyfriend. They both promise plenty of excitement in Clark's senior year."


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