Blackest Night's Tim Seeley Reveals Limbo Lantern Creation Process

The writer behind Tales from The Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night, Tim Seeley, recently explained his motivation for creating Limbo Lantern.

During his interview with CBR, Seeley discussed his reimagined one-shot of 2009's Blackest Night. He explained his reasoning behind the decision to turn Sinestro into Limbo Lantern.

Seeley stated, "When we came up with the idea of using Sinestro as the lead, we were trying to come up with something that hadn't been done, because... you're switching with these characters."

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Throughout his time in the DC universe, Sinestro has gone from superhero to supervillain (and in some instances, an anti-hero, as in 2009's Blackest Night).

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"We had to do something new," he mentioned, referencing Sinestro's shift in DC Comics. "And I believe it was one of the editors who actually said, 'Well, what if we make him trapped in the middle,' and I was like, 'Limbo Lantern!"

"I thought it was a great idea, and then people started making fun of it, like he was doing the limbo... This sort of between life and death and really that being the torment, you know, because he can bring someone to life, but then send them back immediately," Seeley added. "So they get this moment of life and then... I thought that was very Green Lantern kind of dark to play with that."

Since the DC Rebirth, Sinestro has taken on the mantle of Parallax. He was briefly portrayed by Mark Strong in 2011's ill-fated Green Lantern.

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night #1 is currently on sale.

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