Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1

Greg Rucka helped re-establish the warrior's passion that exudes from every pore of the character of Wonder Woman. Under Rucka's writing, Diana became once more became a character unafraid of walking the path a warrior walks. Of course, that path frequently leads to death. In Wonder Woman's case, her warrior's ways led to the death of Maxwell Lord. Stringing "Infinite Crisis" to the current event of "Blackest Night," this story illustrates that Maxwell Lord -- like all of the DC Universe's dead -- still poses a tangible threat to the heroes of the DC Universe.

No stranger to death, Wonder Woman finds herself hip-deep, literally, against battalions of Black Lanterns in the heart of Arlington National Cemetery. Rucka made a bold choice to put this story here, and Nicola Scott is every bit as bold in her rendering of the struggle that results. Amazingly, the quartet of inkers was less distracting than I expected. Ruffino's colors certainly helped to pull it all together.

Max Lord's heartless, "All aboard the Ted Kord express," has to be the most ruthless quote dropped by any character in this event, and here it fits. While most of the characters who have encountered Black Lanterns are emotionally hamstrung by their newfound foes, Rucka's Wonder Woman is strong and steadfast in her commitment to her cause, not giving in to any of the emotions other than her standard operating emotion of love.

The story in this issue seems to be done in one, but given the developments that Wonder Woman and many of her comrades are involved in the main "Blackest Night," there will be plenty of room for more Wonder Woman-centric activity in future issues. This isn't a must-have, must-read "Blackest Night" issue, which makes it all the more enjoyable. This issue adds subtext to one of the heroes embroiled in the turmoil of "Blackest Night," and answers the inevitable fan question of "So where's Max?" This story is more of a luxury than a requirement, and the creative team of Rucka and Scott are well-suited to this tale.

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