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Blackest Night to be read all over

by  in Comic News Comment
Blackest Night to be read all over

If you’ve been following DC’s Blackest Night crossover so far — and by that I mean reading everything related to the story, from the mini-series to the monthly tie-ins — it’s been relatively inexpensive to follow, compared to most crossovers, anyway.

There’s the main mini-series, of course, named after the event, plus three tie-in minis focused on Batman, Superman and the Titans. There was also the Tales of the Corps. mini-series, which gave some background on some of the players. And there are the regular issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. that tie into the story.

According to the checklist that’s been running in various DC titles, it’s set to go at that same pace through October. In November, though, it looks like the flood gates are opening.

According to IGN, eight monthly titles will cross over into the story in November, including Doom Patrol, Outsiders, Justice League of America, Booster Gold, Superman/Batman, R.E.B.E.L.S., Teen Titans and the Geoff Johns-written Adventure Comics. Expect to see lots of Black Lanterns in these titles, including Ted Kord, Dr. Light and a whole lot of Titans who have died over the years.

I was a little surprised to see all of these tie-ins, but Dan DiDio said in July that there would be “some crossover that will be taking place in certain series.”

And speaking of IGN and Blackest Night, today Johns revealed the identity of the main bad guy behind the Black Lanterns. Spoiler warning, of course; if you’d like to know who it is, click here. Apparently the big bad will also be on the cover of the next issue of Previews.

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