Blackest Night's Tim Seeley Reveals Where He Drew the Line

Tim Seeley, author of Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night, recently sat down with CBR to talk about his work on the book. The original Blackest Night dealt with a lot of heavy topics regarding death, but according to Seeley, there was one scene he wouldn't even touch.

2009's Blackest Night explored the possibility of multiple deceased DC characters returning to life. But there was a caveat --they weren't really themselves. The deceased characters resurrected by Nekron were merely reanimated corpses, presenting the heroes with horrifying zombified versions of beloved characters from their past. For Donna Troy, this meant she was confronted with her dead son, Robbie Troy.

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When the conversation shifted to Donna's interaction with Robbie, Seeley said, "That was grim! That was grim. That was one thing I knew, that we can't go as dark as that. That's my own self-limiting. We're not gonna do anything in which Wonder Girl crushes the head of her baby. We're just not gonna do it. And as a new dad, I can't go there."

The scene in question occurs in the Blackest Night: Titans tie-in issues. Donna is initially stunned by the reappearance of her infant son and ex-husband, Terry Long. However, it soon becomes clear that this isn't her Robbie.

After a heartbreaking interaction with her fellow Titans, Donna declares that these people from their past aren't really them. She rips out Terry's heart, declaring that he's dead to her. As for Robbie, Donna cannot bear to look at him, shedding a tear as she crushes the baby's head. Afterwards, she tearfully whispers, "I'm sorry."

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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