Blackest Night Fan Trailers Nearly Redeem Green Lantern Movie

Warner Bros.' "Green Lantern" wasn't particularly well-received when it hit theaters in 2011, but the Ryan Reynolds film may yet be redeemed by these new fan trailers.

Two different editors on YouTube have teamed up, using "Green Lantern" to create their own teasers for a proposed "Blackest Night" movie.

Ultrasargent collaborated with AList Productions and EL Edits (who contributed visual effects) to create this incredible trailer that includes a variety of clips from the likes of "Green Lantern," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," the first "Wonder Woman" trailer, and even The CW's "The Flash." With some skillful editing and CGI, the trailer imagines an epic battle between the forces of good led by Green Lantern, and the rising undead of the Black Lanterns.

Another, shorter trailer was released by AList Productions, which is also worth checking out.

The proposed movie would of course be based on DC Comics' popular 2009 "Blackest Night" crossover series, about an invasion of the galaxy by black power rings, which resurrected long-dead superheroes to wipe out all life in the universe.

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