Black Widow, Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins: May 6th Comic Reel Wrap


The Comic Reel received an anonymous and unconfirmed tip that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is up for the lead in the David Hayter-helmed spy thriller.


Rolling Stone has information on some of the music for the web-spinning sequel's soundtrack. "Dashboard Confessional didn't plan on recording new music this summer. Then the producers of Spider-Man 2 came calling. 'I'm a comic-book fan and a movie guy,' says Dashboard singer Chris Carrabba, who knocked out a new track, 'Vindicated,' in one afternoon. He's in good company: Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Jet and Fefe Dobson are releasing new songs for movies this summer." Hoobastank and Jet will also be on board. Meanwhile, Alfred Molina sat down for an interview with Comingsoon.net, saying, "I'm aware of how important [Doctor Octopus] is in the iconography of that particular universe. I've spoken to a lot of fans of the Spider-Man comics, and they say that he's revered as a character, because he's such a famous villain. I was always aware that there was a great deal of expectation awaiting this movie, and as with every transfer from one media to another, when you make a movie version of anything whether it's a comic book or a play, you can't be concerned about just making a direct copy of that original thing. You have to change it somewhat. You have to make it new. Doc Ock in our movie doesn't look the same as the Doc Ock in the comic book. And if you want to know how, you're just going to have to put down your ten bucks and find out." Also, Superhero Hype has new images from the movie, including shots of a new billboard in Times Square. Finally, the official site notes that the film has been rated PG-13.


The Leighton Buzzard Today reports that filming is going on around the proposed Wayne Manor, a building called Mentmore Towers. The article also reveals a somewhat surprising spoiler.


You can get a look at the new trailer for the Halle Berry-fueled feline flick at BlackFilm.com in Quicktime, RealPlayer and Windows Media Format. They also have a collection of still images from the movie. If you'd just like to see screen captures, you can find some at The Trades.


There's trouble in Westchester: according to Comics Continuum, actor Hugh Jackman is excited about the idea of getting his adamantium claws back, but hasn't signed on the dotted line. "I don't want to sound ungrateful, but first of all, I don't know what the script's going to be like. I don't know what it will be like," Jackman said at the recent press junket for Van Helsing. "But I would find it very, very hard to watch someone else play the role of Wolverine, you know. But, you know, I've had a really great go of it for two movies, so you never know. They may want to move it in different directions, so we'll see what happens in it. I can see there being complete validity in doing X-Men 3, if not more," he said. "I mean, I think it (X2) cemented what was a really interesting world."


There's a new trailer (Windows Media only) for the season's penultimate episode, "Forsaken," and Devoted to Smallville's got it, plus screen captures as well.


According to ICv2, Avi Arad said that The vampire sequel "Blade: Trinity" has been moved back to December 10th to avoid a "logjam" of the sort that saw "Punisher" going head to head with "Kill Bill Volume 2." An October 22nd debut of "Man-Thing" is in doubt, because Araid indicated "that Marvel and Lions Gate would look at the film and decide exactly how to proceed."


Comingsoon.net also talked to Victoria Pratt who plays "Shalimar Fox" on the Marvel-themed TV series. She discusses big top ambitions: "In the last episode we shot, which isn't necessarily the last one that will air, Shalimar goes undercover in a circus," Pratt said. "I actually got to train with the circus and we're trying to figure out what routine I could do, because it's not like I had tons of lead time to be able to train and stuff. So we came up with this cool bungee trapeze routine. I was doing cherry drops off of a trapeze at 40 feet. It's just cool stuff, like the closest you can come to flying really. It's just so amazing. I don't know necessarily how dangerous it was but I think it would've turned a lot of people's stomachs."


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