Is Black Widow Secretly Marvel's All-Female Avengers Movie?

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The recent announcement that a Black Widow film is reportedly in the works was surprising to say the least. But to many, many Marvel fans, it felt like news that was long overdue. After all, the original Avengers lineup (save for Hawkeye) have all had solo films, and most subsequent superheroes introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Black Panther, likewise have all experienced the solo movie treatment. Despite being over twenty movies deep, Marvel Studios hasn't had a female superhero-led movie yet, and many have always wondered why Natasha Romanoff was being left in the cold.

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Now that we know the movie is inching closer to reality, fans have already begun speculating where Natasha's movie could fit into the MCU's continuity. Will it be a flashback story? Does this mean that she unequivocally survives Avengers 4? While these questions are valid, we have another one we'd like to explore. Could it be that this solo Black Widow film is only part of the truth? A diversion meant to keep the real surprise under wraps until Marvel makes an official announcement? Is it possible that this is the long-rumored, much hoped for all-female Avengers film?

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The call for an all-female Avengers-style movie was first heard back in October 2017, when Thor: Ragnarok actress Tessa Thompson mentioned it as an idea she had floated to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. A few weeks later, the idea gained more traction and popularity when reports began to surface that most of the female MCU actresses joined Thompson in lobbying for an all-female superhero film. Scarlet Johansson, Brie Larson, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff, it turns out, all approached Feige to discuss the possibility.

Not only are the actresses interested in the project, there's clearly a fan-demand for it. Obviously, Feige is aware of this, and no doubt sees the potential in such a film. Now, could he have tasked screenwriter Jac Shaeffer to come up with a story worthy of all these female characters? It's certainly possible.


After all, according to the initial report, actress Scarlet Johansson is said to have met with Marvel to discuss the direction of the Black Widow film. Since the actress was firmly on-board with the idea of an all-female team-up movie, there's a strong possibility that she brought this idea back on the table during her meeting with Marvel.

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