<i>Black Widow</i> ongoing kicks off in April

Just in time for her appearance in this summer's Iron Man 2, everyone's favorite Russian spy is getting her own series, courtesy of writer Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna. Marvel announced yesterday that a new Black Widow ongoing series will kick off in April.

"I want to establish Black Widow as her own character, not as someone's girlfriend or the member of a team," Liu told Marvel.com. "Which isn't to say that Black Widow's relationships won't be explored, but she's a cunning, ruthless woman whose physical prowess would be nothing without her staggering intelligence. She's a force to be reckoned with, in every possible way."

IGN.com also has an interview up with Liu about the book. Unless I'm forgetting something from the 1990s, I believe this is the first time the Black Widow has had her own ongoing, thought she has appeared in several mini-series, graphic novels, team books and of course countless guest appearances.

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