The Soskas Put Madripoor's Underworld in the Black Widow's Crosshairs

Your collaborator on Black Widow is Flaviano Armentaro, an artist whose usual style has a very cartoony and animated feel to it. So what's it like working with Flaviano on this book? What do you enjoy most about his style?

Sylvia: I love what Flaviano does. His style really captures emotion beautifully. He shared a pic of Nat online and I was so in love with it. He brings her to life. She's a real person when he draws her. Kudos to our editor, Jake Thomas, who put us all together -- he always picks the most fantastic artists for our stories.

Jen: Flaviano is so talented! I’m so exited to be teamed together! It’s going to be a beautiful series. Lots of big beautiful locations and action. It’s going to be such a treat for the eyes. I love how expressive his characters are. I love the range of emotion he gives them. He makes very playful images. I am excited to see him bring out that side of Nat. She does love what she does.

Finally, as fans and now creators who have worked on the character, what are some past Black Widow stories that you've found especially enjoyable and inspiring?

Sylvia: My sister is the biggest Daredevil fan, so I've always loved anything with Nat & Matt. Marjorie Liu is one of my favorite writers and Widow in Black Widow: The Name of the Rose was killer. Her style is so cool and the artwork by Daniel Acuna was stunning. It's fun to see Widow being Widow and what Richard K. Morgan did with her on Black Widow: Homecoming was like watching a badass spy movie, and Bill Sienkiewicz's artwork is divine.

Jen: Anything with her and Matt (Daredevil). I was so pulling for the two of them. I even loved her in “Guardian Devil,” when Matt leaves her babysitting a mysterious child he’s been saddled with protecting. When he tells her he believes the child to be the Anti-Christ her reaction is priceless. And then she has to fight Matt to protect the kid. That was Kevin Smith gold. I love her older stuff with Bucky, too

Sylvia: We're stoked about the book and hope that you enjoy reading it. Maybe if it gets popular enough it can be the next Black Widow movie? Maybe a rated R one?

Jen: Couldn’t be more honored or excited to be writing for such a badass like Black Widow. We grew up reading Marvel and these books had a profound effect on who we grew up to be. It’s incredible to be writing these stories for a whole new generation of fans. And everyone who’s been reading as long as we have? You are in for a treat.

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