The Soskas Put Madripoor's Underworld in the Black Widow's Crosshairs

For this story you're sending Natasha to Madripoor; a fictional and well established locale of crime, decadence and intrigue. As long time Marvel fans, what's it like telling a story in such an iconic locale?

Sylvia: As fans, we've always wanted to go to Madripoor. I mean, there's a lot of pretty iconic characters hanging out there or that could appear there at any time. With the level of dangerous Widow is feeling right now, it's better she's around people worthy of her anger -- an island of criminals is just what the doctor ordered.

Jen: I feel like I get to visit Madripoor. It’s one of the most badass places in the Marvel Universe. I love the idea of dropping one of the deadliest characters in the most deadliest of locations. And watch her thrive. No one is gonna miss anyone who goes missing in Madripoor. It’s the perfect place to unleash her rage with no one holding her back. Shes not an Avenger, so she doesn’t have to follow anyone’s rules but her own.

What can you tell us about the mission that brings Natasha to Madripoor? What is she after and who is she up against?

Sylvia: If you can think of literally the worst kind of people you would like to see Black Widow kill, these are them. Widow was made in the Red Room, but online there are different sinister Red Rooms where young girls are prey. It strikes a chord with Nat and sends her on a mission where you see her in full Black Widow vengeance.

Jen: Black Widow goes looking for someone that deserves to be in her crosshairs and is turned onto the string of children who are being abducted. Madripoor is full of the worst villains you can imagine, so it’s not easy to find who’s behind it, but you will see Nat go through some familiar and new faces as she cuts down anyone and anything standing in her way.

The Black Widow is a very well connected character with ties to the Avengers, the X-Men and even street-level heroes like Daredevil. Plus, the money and power of Madripoor could draw a number of people into this story. So, what can you tell us about some of the other established Marvel characters we might see in this book and the roles they'll play?

Sylvia: I totally don't know if I can answer this question, so I'll just name a few people who would be cool to see there -- isn't Magneto there with his X-Men? Sabretooth has a lot of history there. Maybe someone will kidnap Spider-Man? That's always exciting. I have a feeling you'll see some pretty badass villains, some people it would be fun to see Widow take on.

Jen: I love the history of Madripoor. I don’t imagine I’ll be giving too much away to say she’ll be teaming with Jessica Hoan, A.K.A. Tyger Tiger. She does not take kindly to trafficking of any kind on Madripoor, but especially not children. She’s a great character with a dark past, but a lot of heart as well. I love how she tries to keep the criminals classy in Madripoor.

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