Black Widow & Black Panther Clash In Deleted Civil War Scene

Civil War Black Panther Black Widow

In a newly revealed deleted scene from "Captain America: Civil War," Scarlett Johanssen’s Natasha Romanoff and Chadwick Boseman's T’Challa engage in a tense face off. The new scene comes from USA Today and while it isn’t an action sequence, the heat is certainly on as the Panther and the Widow engage in a battle of words.

The scene has Natasha cautioning T’Challa that his Black Panther vibranium-weave armor makes him subject to the Sokovia Accords, which would require him to register as a super-powered individual. She also calls him politically naïve for thinking that he can extradite Bucky Barnes to Wakanda to face trial for the murder of that country’s king -- and T’Challa’s father -- T’Chaka. The cut scene also shows just how well Boswick’s cool Black Panther riffs perfectly off Johanssen’s fiery Black Widow. You can watch the whole scene, which also features a bit more of Martin Freeman's Everett Ross, below.

While the scene adds little to the story, it’s a gem of a character moment that fans will enjoy. This is the third deleted scene that's been released online ahead of the film's home video release; the previous two scenes show more of Bucky and Cap during the airport battle and also more of Zemo's plot.

“Captain America: Civil War” will be released on digital HD platforms and the Disney Movies Anywhere app on September 2; the film will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and on-demand on September 13.

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